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This game began my love affair with Sierra On-Line (metaphorically speaking, of course). The puzzles are thought-provoking, the plot twists keep you on your toes (Oh no! Here comes the evil witch Hagatha! Jump into the lake!), and the narrative has just the right amount of comedy to be funny, but not overly silly.

King's Quest II: Romancing The Throne is made the way I wish more adventure games were still done. I abhor the Myst approach completely. Something still remains attractive about the type-in command system, the simple EGA graphics, and the PC speaker sound.

This style of game was probably ditched for a more simple and flashy method of interaction, to reach a larger audience -- which is a pity. Games like King's Quest II: Romancing The Throne even helped my refine my typing, spelling and grammar skills.

The storyline is straightforward: find and rescue the damsel in distress. However, accomplishing this task is not. One must solve various puzzles along the way, interacting with all sorts of characters, from Genies to mermaids, King Neptune to Little Red Riding Hood.

Many fairy tale characters exist in this game and the player must recall each traditional tale to finish the tasks. How was Count Dracula killed? What pronged weapon would King Neptune wield?

While King's Quest II may no longer be state-of-the-art, it once was. Even years later though, the play and style of the game are still alluring and enjoyable, especially to those who appreciate the way role-playing adventures used to be made.

Graphics: EGA colour! Revolutionary for it's time, this game had the best graphics on the market.

Sound: Amazing how innovative developers were with just a PC speaker! I can still remember some of the music from King's Quest 2.

Enjoyment: One of my all-time favourite games..

Replay Value: Like all 'puzzle' adventure games, they really lose their edge after you finish them once.

After having recovered the three treasures, King Graham has been crowned king. Now having needing a queen for companionship, Graham searches the land for a maiden, but to no avail, so he turns to the magic mirror for help. The mirror shows him a beautiful girl locked away in a quartz tower in a faraway land of Kolyma, and must find three keys that are used to unlock the door that will lead to her.

King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne is a graphic adventure game. As is typical for Sierra's AGI games, players move Graham around with arrow keys and perform actions by typing commands in the interface, which are usually a verb/noun sequence. Like the first game, a good knowledge of fairy tales is required to solve some puzzles.

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