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The mystery and beautiful graphics in Beyond Atlantis are nearly beyond compare. From the beginning of the game, you are thrust into a mysterious world previously unknown to anyone of this era. The power of the journey you embark on will forever remain in your mind. Do you remember the story of Atlantis, a city that mysteriously disappeared with little or no proof of its very existence remaining? Beyond Atlantis is exactly what it sounds like--it takes you beyond the typical story of that famed city and explores many places, each with its own unique mystery and all combining into one central theme.

You're the bearer of the Light, Ten, a descendent of a great man who took the power of Light inside himself to defeat the power of Darkness. Beyond Atlantis begins in the snowy mountains of Tibet and has a stunning introduction, after which you travel to a ship that has landed in the middle of the mountains. It houses a strange levitating man who has the answers to your identity crisis. You talk to him and he explains your origins and what you must do to unite the powers of Light and Dark. Three stones are available in the ship that you must pick up; when you place a certain stone on a specific part of a circle, you travel to the corresponding land. You have to travel to three different areas to collect an additional three stones so you can eventually travel to the city of Shambhala, the location of the power of Darkness.

Each time you start a game, you have the option of going in three different directions. This is a great idea because if you get stuck in one area, you can always start a new game and fix the problems in another area. In fact, you could have up to six games saved in different areas, solving the mysteries in them concurrently.

At times, you may find yourself stuck in a puzzle you can't understand. An example of such as puzzle is in China, where you must place a turtle in the middle of a fountain and choose which directions the turtle's head and tail point. There are four different pictures and you must move them to the corresponding part of the turtle. This is all based on a riddle that a man, who knows the correct directions, speaks. Nothing is explained about this, save for the riddle.

Often, this is the case in Beyond Atlantis. You have to solve mysteries and puzzles not explained anywhere. This aspect makes the game challenging but, at times, makes it difficult to make heads or tails of what action to take. Yet another example occurs in Ireland where you wander around for a bit and notice a skull in a dwelling that's missing some pieces. If you look around for a bit, you find the other pieces of the skull, put them together and that helps you get closer to finding another stone.

Although the requirements are rarely explained, it adds to the mystery and intrigue of playing. It's possible to get stuck at certain points but common logic will win out if you take the time to think the problem over. Overall, the fantastic graphics and fascinating storyline make Beyond Atlantis a treat to play. The game has a theme all its own that you won't find anywhere else. For a truly original and good looking game with a lot of interesting twists and turns, I recommend Beyond Atlantis.

Graphics: The fantastic scenery and brilliant colors are all very smooth and fluid--no glitches. The graphics are especially great during the beginning movie and during conversations with other characters.

Sound: Great unique bell chimes and other sounds make it seem as if you're back in another time. The music is also good in the beginning of the game and during the game continues to offer an eerie background.

Enjoyment: Although the mysteries sometimes put you in a conundrum, you'll enjoy traveling through the strange old lands and solving the mysteries.

Replay Value: This is a very long game requiring patience to get through the first time so replaying is a personal choice. But, many mysteries exist that you may miss the first time around; playing it a second time might help you to notice a few more things.

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