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The first thing you notice about Lost Eden is the fluid graphics and incredibly easy to use interface that kicks in right from the beginning. A spinning, tumbling cube takes the place of an arrow pointing cursor most of the time and changes it's movement pattern as you move around the screen. When you come across an item or a person or place to interact with, it turns into an appropriate symbol indicating actions like talk to character, pick up object, look at object or it turns into an arrow pointing the way you can move. Movement is from a first person perspective and there is a smooth transition as the story unfolds screen by screen. The only minor problem encountered (even on a fast machine) was a tendency for it to change into the symbol required too slowly at times resulting in repeated passes over a particular spot. But as a time issue, the cursor delay is insignificant when compared to the major complaint about the game which is definitely time related -- it's just simply too short. The basis for that complaint, though, rests with the fact that the game is so visually interesting that you hate to see it end so quickly.

There's no doubt that the story is on the simplistic side but it's set in such a fascinating, beautifully rendered 3-D world that you don't really care. It seems more like a game specifically designed for younger gamers or a perfect vehicle for novice adventurerers. To cut to the chase, the story revolves around your character, Prince Adam, who has just come of age and realizes that if conditions in the land are to get better, he's going to have to figure out a way to build protective citadels across the land for protection of the populous from the ravaging suppression and destruction of the dinosaur clan led by Moorkus Rex, a tyrannical tyrannosaur. Discovering his great grandfather's secret of the citadels, holding back the rampaging beasts bent on destroying what you build and overcoming Moorkus Rex pretty much sums up the plot. There is little if any violence in the game as almost everything bad occurs "off screen" and you hear about it through conversations which are exclusively spoken words by someone else to you -- that's right, Prince Adam doesn't talk. But here again, the absolutely wonderful voice acting in the game makes that hardly noticeable.

The puzzle solving in Lost Eden is basically easy to moderate and the quests revolve around object attainment and then interacting with the right person or place at the right time. There's not a lot of brain drain in this one, just a wonderful visual and aural production waiting to be experienced. The game features a nice system for replaying any of the last thirty-two conversations and, unfortunately, a terrible game saving utility which limits you unnecessarily to three at any one time. Even with the shortness of the game, the subject matter and presentation make Lost Eden a worthwhile endeavor.

Graphics: Beautifully done with terrific fluid dinosaur movement. A sense of

Sound: Some of the best thematic music and voice acting I've ever encountered in a graphic adventure game.

Enjoyment: Easy to play, easy on the eyes and ears and a well designed package. Perhaps too short for some gamers but makes up for it in quality.

Replay Value: Might be fun to replay in the sense of watching a favorite re-run. Impressive dinosaur scenes worth a second look.

Lost Eden is an adventure game set on an eerie planet populated with dinosaurs.

Your civilisation is menaced. Armies of Tyranns, led by Moorkus Rex, are gathering around your kingdom. Soon they will swarm in, destroy everything and kill your people. However, there is a single hope. There are legends telling that several hundreds of years ago, men and dinosaurs cooperated to build 5 mighty Citadels that were almost invulnerable to the Tyranns. Today, all the Citadels but one have been destroyed.

You play as Adam of Mo, you must rediscover the secret of uniting men and dinosaurs, rebuild the Citadels, and finally defeat Morkus Rex and his armies.

Lost Eden is entirely made of pre-rendered 3d scenes and videos.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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