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Pentari: First Light is a text-based adventure in the spirit of Infocom's Zork series. Players are challenged to reclaim the city of Delphin from a group of evil wizards, who plan on overthrowing the once peaceful Kingdom of Pentari by capturing its nobles. Yet the quest will not be easy, with monsters to battle, mysteries to solve, and citizens to rescue, as players prepare for their encounter with the wizards behind the traitorous acts. The game offers nearly 300 rooms to explore, with a quest designed to be longer than the first three Zork titles combined. Players will learn to cast spells, search for 20 treasure items, and locate three orbs of power to help ensure their epic journey is a success. To add a degree of authenticity to the game, designer Howard Sherman researched actual caves and castles found throughout the United States, England, and France.

As this text adventure opens, the land of Pentari is in chaos. A band of renegades has infiltrated the Delphin Wizard's Guild, seized the city, and is attempting to overthrow of the rest of the Empire. As a military captain, your mission is to regain control of the city. Free the captured royalty, identify and eliminate the insurgents, and retrieve the magical Orbs they have stolen. Along the way you'll explore vast cities, castles, and underground caves, all inspired by real-life places. Use magical "Trumps" to transport you between various locations, but take care, the enemy is always watching!

Also built into the game is a treasure hunt, which adds replay value and a number of optional puzzles to the adventure.

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