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The Quivering is a first-person point-and-click graphic adventure that comically pays homage to classic horror movies. Players take on the role of Spud, a smart-mouthed teen who travels to the troubled town of Warty Hollow at the behest of his mad scientist uncle, Dr. Franken-Stamp. It seems that the doctor's latest experiment went afoul, turning him into a raven and letting hordes of demons, werewolves, vampires, and other beastly creatures pour in from Dimension X. The goal is to use the harmless imps that also migrated from Dimension X to lure and dispatch the beasts, and eventually confront the final boss, known as Big D.

The Quivering is a humorous, cartoon style adventure game, which spoofs the famous ghouls and goblins from historic horror flicks.

When Olivetti Franken-Stamp, a member of the Mad Scientist Guild, goofs on his latest scientific experiment, all hell breaks loose - literally! Every demon, murderer, monster and freak is back on earth causing major havoc and mayhem. Franken-Stamp urgently sends for Spud, his cantankerous, redheaded nephew, to come to the rescue. With the aid of his uncle's "Ghoul Cube", Spud must return all of the evil meanies to their rightful place.

The game is a first person, point & click adventure with whimsical, three-dimensional characters set in detailed graphical locations, which you view in 360 degrees. The collection of cute little creatures called imps is the key for saving games and solving some of the puzzles. Puzzles are varied and include the traditional ones (using inventory items, talking to non-player characters, etc.) as well as a few arcade style sequences.

Reminiscent of cartoon style LucasArts games, The Quivering brings together a blend of spookiness and comedy. Listen to voice impressions of Vincent Price and Boris Karloff. Visit and fully explore classic movie sets and meet your favorite monsters.

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