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Who killed Anna Elk Moon and why? That's your job to discover in this fascinating murder mystery game. Player start out at 8 AM on day one. Each day, you only get eight working hours to solve the mystery, which means you can't solve the mystery if you try to check out every suspect and every angle.

But, you have help in your case. The Chief has ordered your partner, John Night Sky to speak to the suspects while you take notes, because he is American Indian and this case is partly connected to Tribal Lands. Also, Anna Elk Moon herself was Native American. You also get a hispanic uniformed police officer to do your legwork for you, so you can concentrate on the suspects. You also recieve a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) to help you deal with the evidence. You can also recieve voice mail and phone conference calls on this tool.

Your first job will be to survey the murder scene and try to discover any evidence left by whoever killed Anna. You can only search for and collect evidence on the first day, so it's better to get it out of the way first thing. As you find pieces of evidence, you can ask for a forensic report on the material, or a check of records, as on the phone in Anna's workshop.

After that, it's time to interview the suspects. Players can have John Night Sky ask the questions they want to hear the answers to. But each question posed takes time from their day. However, as players interview the subjects, more houses on the overview of the city get haloed in white. This indicates subjects that can be interviewed for information.

As I said before, there is no way that you can interview every suspect before the time runs out. Just remember the three questions of any murder: Who had the motive? Who had the means? And who had the opportunity?

This is a great game. For anyone who's seen a murder mystery and thought that they could solve that faster than the on-screen detective, with this game, you will have exactly that chance.

Unlike most mysteries, though, you have only a limited time to solve the mystery. However, since you can replay the game again, you have the chance most real-world detectives don't, to start the game over and try a different path.

Still, this game is exciting and interesting, making you think your way through the game instead of blindly hacking and slashing or defeating endless streams of opponents. For people who enjoy thinking games, track this one down. You'll be glad you did.

Graphics: Really good. They used a lot of known actors and actresses as suspects and informants, such as Amanda Donohoe. Not all the suspects are that well known as actors, but do strike a chord of familiarity.

Sound: Some of the segments are kind of low, but you can easily turn up the sound.

Enjoyment: An extremely enjoyable thinking game. Enables players to stretch those brain cells.

Replay Value: You are able to get quite a bit of play out of it until you solve the mystery. After that, it's playability goes down sharply.

The Elk Moon Murder is a full motion video adventure game. You take on the part of rookie detective with the Santa Fe police. Anna Elk Moon, a famous native American artist, has been murdered and you have five days to solve the mystery, before "the big boys muscle in", as your chief inspector tells you.

The game features a point & click interface. You have eight hours a day, while almost every action you take decreases 15 minutes of your time. Puzzle solving is not part of the game really. Instead you have to listen to the usual suspects, order forensics and shoot photos. Your goal is to come up with an arrest warrant at the end of the game.

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