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Frasse is a cute, blue, furry monster. One day, Frasse finds a note, saying that the King is looking for the famous peas of Kejick. These magical peas are needed for national security, and the king is offering a reward for them. Being the adventurous monster that he is, Frasse decides to travel to Kejick, and find these peas. That reward would be very nice a well! After asking around, he soon discovers that a ferocious dragon guards the peas. Oh dear, maybe he should persuade his friend Gurra to come with him. It's just a pity that Gurra is trapped behind a big boulder. You will need to rescue him, and then find a way to Kejick Island.

Of course, getting to Kejick Island is only half the battle. When you arrive there, you must explore the island, and find the secret caves where the peas are hidden. Then you need to navigate through the caves to reach the peas themselves. But hey, wait a minute. Let's not forget about that pesky dragon. Will it ever end? Even after you return home, things don't quite go as planned...


The game is mouse-driven, and has a lovely game interface. There are various hotspots that you can click on, and interact with. But instead of the usual Talk/Use/Look words that you see in most games, you are treated to a mini version of Frasse. Click on his eyes to look at something, click on his mouth to talk or to eat, and click on his hand to use something or take something. You can see Frasse's inventory by right-clicking, or by clicking the bag at the top left corner.

After a short while, you can also control Gurra as well. Simply switch characters by clicking on them. Gurra can also interact with hotspots in the same way that Frasse can. However, since he doesn't have any hands, there is no inventory for him. After clicking on a hotspot, you can click on his eyes to look at something, click on his mouth to talk or eat, and click on his leg to kick something.

Pressing 'Escape' brings up a menu for you to save or load your game, or quit the game. It is an interesting idea to use mini Frasses/Gurras, and it added a lot of fun to the game.


The graphics are very bright and cheerful, and make the game a lot of fun to play. Characters and backgrounds are a joy to see. Rikard Peterson (the author) has added some lovely touches to the game. Things like searching the mailbox outside the bar, Frasse dozing on his branch, and looking at the crystal ball are a nice touch. Everyone is animated very smoothly, and I especially like how Frasse and Gurra blink every so often. The colorful graphics really give a sense of personality to the characters.


I was very impressed with the music for this game. You can hear a different piece of music for each area you explore, which adds a lot of enjoyment to the game. You will want to revisit some areas, just so you can listen to the music again.


There are many wonderful characters that you get to meet in this game. I thought that the Loom guy in the bar was a lovely touch. The two Zaks are hilarious, as neither will get out of the way for the other one. The troll on Kejick Island was another interesting character. There a lot more, and you will enjoy meeting them all. Even the bees will talk to you!


The puzzles have been cleverly thought out, and can be quite tricky at times. You have to keep switching between characters in order to accomplish certain tasks. Frasse has hands, so he can carry things, but Gurra is better at talking to people. You need to use both characters in order to solve things, and you get a good sense of accomplishment after figuring out a hard puzzle.


Frasse and the Peas of Kejick is a lovely adventure game, and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. The story is well written, and has a lot of humor. Using mini Frasses/Gurras as the game interface is a refreshing idea, and works well. The colorful graphics give a sense of personality to the characters, making it lots of fun to play. The music is a pleasure to listen to, and you will hear something different in each area. Nearly every character can help you in some way, so talk to everyone. The whole game had a wonderful 'cartoony' feel to it, and I can highly recommend that you download it.

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