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Credited by the developer as the first CD-ROM designed for girls, McKenzie & Co. is an interactive adventure game that chronicles a female teen's final weeks as a junior at the fictitious Madison High School. After selecting one of two characters, Carly or Kim, girls follow their alter ego through exams, dates, slumber parties, shopping trips, and more as they build friendships, earn money, and attend school. The goal is to be invited to the junior prom by a choice of two boys. Played from a first-person perspective, the game involves making a series of choices and then watching the result play out in full-motion video.

Certain activities, such as final exams and chores, are represented by arcade-style mini-games. Other events take place in various parts of the city. A map screen features a total of 12 locales to visit, allowing girls to travel to restaurants, the arcade, the beach, and other teen hangouts. At home, players can listen to messages, try on new clothes, and even change their character's hairstyle or makeup. If they make the right decisions and succeed at the mini-games, girls will be able to graduate and attend the prom with their dreamboat. In addition to the five-disc game, McKenzie & Co. includes a sixth CD of music from bands Strawberry Zots, Poet, Cool Notes, and Tee Green.

This adventure game, the first ever released by Her Interactive, lets you take on the life of a teenage co-ed in her junior year at Madison High. In this role, you'll do everything a girl of this age does in her daily life at home, school and work -- from deciding what to wear each day to going to work after school. Talk with friends in person and on the phone, attend classes, study, do homework, shop for clothes at the mall and go out on dates.

You choose one of two characters to play. Besides your 6 closest friends, there are 20 other characters to meet during the course of the game - including prospective boyfriends. The scenarios are presented by way of video clips. Conversations come about by selecting one of several provided replies.

There are various types of mini-games to solve within the game including variations of Concentration and Tetris as well as a shooting accuracy game and a picture puzzle.

The game comes on 6 CD-Roms: 1 for the main game, 4 for the main boyfriends and a bonus music CD. A optional complete internet access package is included on the discs. The PC version box also contains some makeup and tips on how to apply it, and a pink ribbon promoting Breast Cancer Awareness.

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