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Shaken by the loss of Octave Fingertips, her musical director, the very talented Julia decides to have her body frozen at the height of her career so she can stay there until the ideal director can be found. But, he must have the music in him! To save Julia you must demonstrate how talented you are with 41 musical tests, each containing 5 levels. See your computer turn into a piano, a saxophone, a guitar or even a harp. The main quest, de-popsicle-izing Julia, begins with her father Land O'ner, who starts you on a musical journey though her past. Travel through time to discover the great moments of Julia's life from birth to ice cube, as you solve puzzles which will reveal the musical instruments. Find all of them and you will have proved that music flows through your veins and, of course, Julia will melt and the world will regain its beloved pop star. The Music in Me was to be the cornerstone of a Music Chase series, but no more materialized. It's a totally niche product, which players will either love or hate.

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