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Berlin 1945, just before the end of the war. The German forces are defeated, the allied troops on the advance. Ordered by Reichsmarshal Goering, Captain Wuerger is supposed to hide away the gold treasure of the Nazis in a Berlin apartment house in a haste. But Wuerger is carrying on his own foul play. He deposits the gold at another location and consequently disposes of all witnesses. Only one is able to escape: private Joseph Matuschek.

Munich 1989. Joseph Matuschek, Wuerger's former driver only surviving witness has become a drunkard. For some booze, he's willing to tell the story of the hidden nazi-gold to everyone. Yet nobody believes the old boozer. Except for the prostitute Sugar and her fancy man, Cute Fred.

Berlin, Nov 9th, 1989. The wall comes down. And all at once, a spectacular race for the vanished gold treasure begins...

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