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Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister finds the unflappable teen sleuth once again pulled into a whirlwind of intrigue. Nancy has joined up with a team of storm chasers who are competing for a $100 million dollar prize, offered to the first to find a reliable formula for predicting tornadoes. As if chasing killer storms weren't dangerous enough, the huge cash prize may have brought out the worst in some competitors, as it seems that the storm-chasing team's efforts are being sabotaged. Weather or not, there's another adventuresome mystery to solve, using keen observation, point-and-click exploration, and illuminating dialog with other characters. As in earlier Nancy Drew games, players must follow their intuition, and pay close attention to circumstances and characters, but be ready for an unexpected twist. The game encourages players to learn about the science of weather and storms, as well, with Nancy's in-game meteorological studies leading her to important clues and conclusions. Trail of the Twister is also notable as the first original release in the long-running Her Interactive series to launch as a platform hybrid for PC and Mac computers; previous editions are PC-only or console ports.


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