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Early in the 21st century, the world found itself in a precarious state. A war fought be robots over mineral rights erupted in the Arctic, and mechanized soldiers called Walkers and Killerbots terrorized the planet. Special forces trained in anti-robot techniques tried to respond to the menace.

When the robots invaded El Paso, Texas, the special forces team headed by Sgt. Miller sprang into action. They quickly made a startling discovery: the robots were being controlled not by a foreign government, but by the alien Cyberheads, the only alien race with enough guile and power to try to conquer the Earth.

Plot of the Cyberheads will delight CD-ROM game players! The 3-D action, adventure and thrills will fascinate you. You'll test your problem-solving powers in your quest to defeat the Cyberheads- travelling through interdimensional tunnels, and avoiding cleverly disguised alien traps. Your goal is to locate the fearless Cyberheads and rescue El Paso from their grip. As you gather information and clues, you'll assist the rapid response team in their quest.

The Plot of the Cyberheads features live video and a 3-D futuristic universe. It will delight those who like suspense and adventure. It is a compelling mix of mystery and science fiction, with exciting, challenging puzzles, and intuitive interface featuring easy-to-use controls.

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