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While this game is under the title of Prince Interactive, the title is really that of the symbol the artist formerly known as Prince chose to replace his name.

Players get to explore Prince's inner sanctum, from his bedroom to his chapel (apparently dedicated to himself), the music club, the library, the music studio, and more. Players must explore to uncover the pieces of the Logo that makes up Prince's new name.

Just about everywhere players click, they will hear a music or video clip from one of Prince's songs. When players have reassembled the logo, they can head up to the dome for a special surprise.

Prince became a major international music star in 1984 with the release of "Purple Rain" and his blend of rock, funk, soul and dance music has kept him popular ever since. He was an early proponent of computer technology to deliver music whether it be through the internet or in a 3D multimedia experience such as this CD-ROM. At the time, Prince was in a battle with Sony over control of his music and was not using his name but instead used a symbol or glyph which looked like this stood on end... The Myst-clone type of experience is a quest to collect the five pieces of Prince's symbol, as you go through each beautifully rendered "virtual reality" world of his Foyer, Studio, Library, Grand Hallway, Dance Club, Boudoir, Virtual Video Room and Candle Room.

The structure you journey through is also in the shape of the artist's symbol. There are 11 simple puzzles to solve in order to get clues to play videos and collect the pieces that when all gathered you will see a special final exclusive video.

There are hundreds of music samples, video clips, and interactive objects many of which provide a history of Prince's life, music, albums, posters and friends. There are several mini games such as a working mixing console and DJ deck.

There are four full-length music videos, including two new songs: 'Interactive' and 'Endorphin Machine.' The music studio has a karaoke version of 'Kiss,' and in the private club Eric Clapton, Little Richard, George Clinton, and Miles Davis share their views about him.

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