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Sequel to the previous Ringworld game based on Larry Niven's "Known Space" series of novels. Once again this game is a point and click adventure/puzzle solving game.

After saving the puppeteer race from extermination and uncovering some powerful ancient technology on the first game, Quinn, Seeker of Vengeance and Miranda Rees find themselves searches as fugitives by all three major species, so they go to Ringworld to hide. Once in Ringworld they'll try to uncover some evidence to clear their names, but they stumble across another universe-threatening plot. This time U.N. general Carson Teal is out to rule the universe by uncovering Ringworld's secrets, and you must stop him.

This game is way, WAY bigger than it's predecessor, with hundreds of screens, mazes, etc. Plus you get to play as all three characters throughout the game, a la Day of the Tentacle.

Available in both floppy and cd version with full speech

Thanks to you a devastating war was evaded, unfortunately instead of becoming a hero, you are hunted as an outlaw. The Patriarch has denied being involved in the whole affair and you destroyed all the evidence that could prove your innocence while trying to prevent the bloodshed. Now you and your friends Seeker and Miranda must Return to Ringworld and find a way to clear your name.

This may not be all that simple, because your foes expect this and the Patriarch wants your head. You did after all take his ship. That alone would of course not be enough. There is also a grave new danger rising on the horizon. It's an organization called ARM and they are helped by the Puppeteers. They have invented some new armor that could make them invincible on the field of battle and they are planning to exploit the technology in the Silver-Egg. (You do remember that ancient ship that crashed on Ringworld do you not?)

The sequel to Ringworld has improved in certain segments of the game and it even includes speech (although you won't be able experience it because the game archive lacks all the audio files). The graphics are somewhat better (which is especially seen in the animated sequences), but I did miss the faces of people you communicate with. The interface is still the same although you'll see the inventory box at the bottom of the screen. The triangle you call up by right clicking will now have a new feature. In this game you can freely switch between the characters (although your main character is still Quinn). The greatest improvement was the gameplay. This is an actual adventure game with challenging puzzles and far less animated sequences. So you get to do many more things and need to watch far less cut scenes. The story continues where the first one leaves off and you don't even need to play part one to get a rough idea what has happened. A brief summery will be given at the beginning of the game. I do miss some of the humor though that I loved so much with the first part of Ringworld. Apart from that this game deserves the highest mark from me.

Some of the puzzles are quite difficult and you don't get many clues as to what to do next. If you get stuck, there's always the walkthrough you can consult with. There still aren't any hotspots, so you'll again have to go pixel hunting. Unlike part one this game has some slightly more hidden places of the screen you can interact with, but still very visible and quite logical. In you walk in a storage room you don't need to be a rocket fuel scientist to know you need to open a cabinet or two to get the equipment.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (108 MB).


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