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For the first time in history, Earth's most prosperous nations have banded together to form one World Union, a perfect society free from war and disease. But the game's title (Culpa Innata roughly translates to "born at fault") provides a window into the vicious caste system percolating behind the World Union's utopian fašade. Only the most intelligent, healthy, and rich people are allowed in the World Union, leaving the rest of humanity to fend for themselves in the few remaining rogue states. This superficially perfect society is rocked when one of its citizens is murdered in the rogue state Russia, and then a prominent professor dies mysteriously in Adrianopolis, an important border town between Russia and the World Union.

Into this turbulent scenario steps Phoenix Wallis, the inexperienced Senior Peace and Security staff officer whose career depends on unraveling the mysterious events surrounding the crime. A classic graphic adventure game with a sci-fi twist, Culpa Innata puts players in Wallis' shoes as she travels through more than 40 different locations searching for clues. Along the way she will come across more than 50 interactive characters and solve a wide variety of puzzles. As gamers help assemble clues Wallis begins to discover that the world she was sworn to protect is nothing like she thought it was.


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