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Everlight of Magic & Power is a classically styled graphic adventure that follows the tale of a young daydreamer named Melvin who desperately wants his life to be more exciting. When Melvin wanders into a candle shop he learns that he has the preternatural ability to practice candle-based magic, and thus he travels through a magical wormhole to a village named Tallen, where he is joined by an invisible spiritual guide named Fenny. Together the duo set out to discover the origin of a curse that radically alters each villager's personality when day turns to night. German developer Silver Style Entertainment has centered much of the plot on this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-esque dichotomy, with the resolution of many puzzles hinging on gamers' ability to navigate Melvin through what amounts to two separate dimensions. Players can collect an assortment of unique items, engage in multiple-choice conversations with fanciful characters, access a three-tiered help system, and switch from day to night immediately to speed along progress.


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