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Get ready for more 3D panoramic adventuring set at the cultural peak of the ancient Egyptian culture. While the story is not a direct sequel to Egypt 1156 B.C.: Tomb of the Pharaoh, Egypt II: The Heliopolis Prophecy continues the journey through historical Egypt. As Tifet (aka Nefermaat), a young priestess and healer, you explore the City of the Sun, Heliopolis, in a quest to save the land from a horrifying epidemic.

In this one-player adventure, you gather clues and items in an attempt to find a cure for a prophesied disease, mostly from a first-person perspective. Several options include a "Visit the City" exploration of the digitally reconstructed city of Heliopolis, as well as detailed documentation on seven game topics: Urbanism in Egypt, Medicine, Egyptian Society, Scenes from Daily Life, Women in Egypt, The Reign of Amenhotep III, and In Service to the Gods.

Game elements include music by Farid Russlan, a variety of logic puzzles (e.g., inventory, moving pieces, volumetric), story-evolving animated cut-scenes, and wide-ranging sub-mysteries that involve far more than the main story. According to the Greeks, Heliopolis was a large religious capital with an ideal geographical location. Syrians, Nubians, Greeks, and others traveled to the city to reap the benefits of its peaceful climate, which was ideal for trade and commerce. The story is set near the end of Amenhotep III's rule when the lines separating religion, commerce, and rulers was starting to dim.

With this game Cryo has continued their most successful historical adventure up to now, "Egypt 1156". Besides game title and the location of "Ancient Egypt" this two games really don't have much to do with each other. They take place in different periods of Egypt's history. While "Egypt 1156" takes place in Luxor where a young hero tries to restore his father's honor in the year 1156 B.C. and unmask audacious tomb robbers, in "Egypt 2" the female hero Tifet, a young, talented doctor has to save her adoptive father and the citizens of Heliopolis from a mysterious disease in the year 1360 B. C..

The game starts with a wonderful animation sequence: Sachmet, goddess of the medical scientists, appears in Tifet's dream in the shape of a cat ... When Tifet awakes, a courier delivers an urgent call to come to her adoptive father in Heliopolis, who suddenly fell very ill. When she arrived in Heliopolis she soon finds out that not only her beloved adoptive father is in great danger but the whole town. An ancient holy prophecy shows her that a conspiracy is going on and that she is the only person who might be able to save the city of Heliopolis. All alone? No, of course the goddess Sachmet keeps an eye on her protegee. Besides this Tifet happens to meet a young handsome Nubian ...

So the solution to this enigma goes on until Tifet finally dares to face and unmask the bad guy all of her own.

Again you can watch a beautiful animation sequence in the end, which gives us a tiny hint about a third part of the Egypt-Series, probably with Tifet as female hero again. Wait and see!

I enjoyed the game very much and would appreciate it also very much if a third game in the series would follow Egypt I and II, and I hope this new game will take the gamer on a longer road than Egypt II.

The puzzles were quite easy - of the seek-and-find category - it was just pure joy to move within the stunning atmosphere, created by beautiful music and (in my opinion) not to be exceeded Omni-3D-graphics, to look around and to solve puzzle after puzzle very logical placed in the construction of the game.

Well, at least two puzzles I wouldn't call difficult but original and funny: in the first puzzle you have to find the exact rhythm with two drums to get a good looking dancer to dance around and the audience to clap their hands. In the second puzzle that I want to mention, you have to pour beer from one of three different tankards into the others, to receive the exact amount of beer at the end ... well, here you have to ponder and calculate a while.

The animations are like real life movements in a way I have never seen it before in a graphic game, like the moving shadows of the columns in the temple during sunrise and sundown, the vivid cloud-around in the sky and the genuine character movements - especially the movements of the black cat incorporating the goddess Sachmet - a feast for the eyes to watch again and again. Cryo developed Omni 3D in a splendid way carrying out every tiny detail with so much devotion that you can nearly say "I think I'm in the movie!".

Of course I have to mention - after "Odyssee" and "Time Machine" - that the game is throughout mouse-driven with the exception of the drumming sequence (here you can control the left drum with any key on the left side of the keyboard and the right drum with any key on the right side of the keyboard).

Egypt II includes, like all other historical adventures by Cryo, an encyclopaedia created by experts. You can virtually browse this encyclopaedia if you are interested in details of culture, religion and every day life of this epoch of Egyptian history.

I give the game a rating of 70% (good game, recommendable) - atmosphere and graphics and especially the animations alone would deserve this rating. Though puzzles were easy to solve they were a lot of fun. My wish would be such a game with puzzles of some higher degrees and a longer gaming experience.


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