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Nancy Drew's 18th computer game has her investigating a series of high-profile thefts in the historic city of Venice. A number of priceless artifacts have gone missing, and the Italian police have allowed the super sleuth to assist them in staking out a potential suspect. Since the brazen bandit has obscured his or her identity with a mask, it will take keen detective work to figure out the individual responsible for such nefarious deeds.

Players will help Nancy go undercover to infiltrate a crime syndicate. Activities include intercepting messages, questioning characters, gathering clues in a hideout, tailing suspects, and more. The exotic setting offers a chance to learn some Italian, grab a ride on a gondola, and snack on some gelato. Nancy can even earn money to purchase costumes by selling flowers or finding coins. As in previous titles in the Her Interactive series, The Phantom of Venice offers two difficulty levels for dedicated detectives ages ten and older.


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