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This sequel to the 2006 graphic adventure Secret Files: Tunguska once again finds gamers in the role of Nina Kalenkow as she investigates the origins of a series of seemingly natural disasters. When Nina learns that the incidents are not natural, but in fact the work of a secret society known as Puritas Cordis, she begins a frenzied race against time to prevent impending catastrophe. In addition to Nina, players can control Max, her scientist boyfriend who witnesses firsthand the brutality of Puritas Cordis at an Indonesian temple excavation site, and a French priest, who helps piece together the connections between the sinister group and the leader of an ancient order. Gameplay unfolds in a classic point-and-click fashion, with players navigating each 3D character though a series of scenes, keeping track of clues in a diary, and piecing together items to help solve puzzles.


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