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Computer gamers guide two brave young lovers through dangerous situations of mystery and intrigue in the final chapters of the Runaway trilogy. Following A Road Adventure and The Dream of the Turtle, A Twist of Fate is the third adventure in the internationally successful series from Spanish developer Péndulo Studios. Unlike in the first two games, Gina Timmins is a playable character in A Twist of Fate, and the third game begins with players controlling her at the scene of series protagonist Brian Basco's untimely funeral. Yet Brian has not really passed away, it seems, as Gina soon receives a call from his mobile phone, saying that he is trapped in his own grave and needs her help to escape. Players interact with items and other characters through context-sensitive mouse clicks. The game features a refined graphical presentation in the style of the earlier releases, with 3D cel-shaded characters in detailed, illustrated 2D scenes.

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