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African Adventure is a text-based game with no sound or graphics. It is a remake of African Adventure: In Search of Dr. Livingston for the C64 by Softside in September 1980. You play a man who must help search for a man named Dr. Livingston who has become lost somewhere in the Darkest parts of Africa. For every action you type all the letters have to be capital, and your statement can only be two words: a verb and a noun, such as "get book" or "go east". For directions you can also just enter the first letter of the word like e for east.

For the objects you collect you earn points. Some have to be used in other locations, or should be held onto as the game proceeds. Several helpful commands include "HINT" in case you are stuck, "LOOK" to tell you what is around you, "I" will show your inventory and what you are holding, "SCORE" shows how many points you currently have, "SAVE" to save your current game progress, "LOAD" to load a saved game, and "QUIT" end your game and display your total score. All commands should be written in capital letters in order for the program to understand.

This game was originally made for the good old Commodore 64, but about a decade later it was ported to PC DOS, which seems somewhat strange since by the year 1997 MS-DOS was already being pushed aside by other operating systems. Still Tony Baechler and Audrey De Lisle have done just that and thus gave us this nice little C64 classic.

This game can only handle two word commands, so don't try to make sentences - it won't understand it. Also, for some reason, you need to write all the commands with capital (BIG) letters.

The walkthrough included is meant for the C64 version, but the ported version is very faithful to the original, so you can use it regardless.

And now about the story...

This game will teach you the importance of reading, to increase your imagination. Before you're off to bed, you get the book you wanted to read. The book isn't in the very best condition, so a page falls out and you read the passage on it. Read it and let your thoughts drift.

Now you're in the heart of Africa on your adventures and you need to find the treasure of King Salamon. Have you got what it takes?

The game is a text based adventure, so no graphics here. Also there aren't any sounds (so don't adjust the volume).

African Adventure it is fairly short and with very low replay ability, but it's not bad granted you like the genre. However, there are much better text games out there so play this one if you've already completed all the others that we offer in the genre.

Rescue dr. Livingstone in the darkest out-reaches of Africa. While typing your way though this adventures, get a big bottle of Cola. You want to play this one all night long.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.39 MB).


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