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Alien Virus is a point-and-click adventure with a sci-fi setting and SVGA graphics.

The player is cast as starship pilot Joshua Stone, who is returning to the space station Zeus to meet his girlfriend Cara after delivering some cargo. Upon arrival, he finds the station to be completely abandoned. Hence curious and bewildered, he wants to find out what happened.

Alien Virus features a story we all know very well; our hero is sent to deliver some goods to a top-secret space-station far away from the normal trading routes. And, of course, his girlfriend also works at the station. So our hero sets away in the hopes of spending some time with his girl. However, once he arrives he realizes that all is not well. Instead of a welcome committee, he finds an empty cargo bay and closed doors.

This is how the game starts, with you being trapped in the cargo bay, and your first task will be to get the robot online and the doors opened. The difficulty is just right for this to teach you the basics of the game. You spend some time figuring out how to get the robot working, but as soon as the doors open, you are thrown into a deadly race against time and monsters lurking in the shadows.

The game is a standard adventure game, where the key to success is in picking up everything you can and listening for clues in the game dialogues. Well, at least the first part of the game is... Somewhere near the end, all logic is blown away and you find yourself stranded without a clue. I am talking about a scene where you have to magnify a tube of grease, pour it on the floor near the ventilation shaft, turn off the lights, and wait for an alien to slip on the grease and get killed by the fan... If anyone didn't quite understand that, you're not alone. Everywhere I've looked, people have been upset with the game at that point.

Another weird aspect in the game is that all the rooms and hallways are viewed from a specific point, making orientation a bit strange at first (and especially in ventilation shafts). Still, you should get familiarized with this a little into the game.

As for the story and graphic, there's really not much to be said. The story is like any horror script in space with a lost group of people and alien monsters, and you know how it will end before you get halfway through the game. Even so, the game is fun and challenging with nice dark scenes that look ominous and scary, just like it should be.

All in all, the game has its ups and downs and receives a score of 3.

The intro is removed to make the archive smaller, but it really isn't needed for this game.

Also, you need to follow the instructions in the crack file for the game to work, but the crack explains everything very well.

Alien Virus is the first adventure game from Trecision, the Italy-based developer responsible for Nightlong, one of the best adventure games in recent years. It's one of those adventure games that you really want to like but can't due to insipid puzzles and other annoying quirks.

You will want to like Alien Virus because it has many positives going for it. The plot, for starters, is an interesting sci-fi mystery reminiscent of Alien movies. Upon arrival at an outpost on a routine cargo mission, you find it deserted. And worse, something is stalking the few remaining survivors... and it won't be long until it detects your presence.

Unfortunately, the game never takes advantage of this promising premise. Instead of looking for survivors and trying to find your foe, you will spend most of the time in Alien Virus looking for ways to open countless locked doors. There are non-player characters, but they are few and far between, and static game screens - although nicely rendered in SVGA - hardly gives the sense of urgency necessary to immerse you in the plot.

Thankfully, the point-and-click interface is both simple and easy to use that playing the game is not a tedious affair, despite the fact that most rooms do look remarkably similar, i.e. bland without anything you can interact with. Had the puzzles been more varied and interesting, the game would have been much better. As it stands, Alien Virus is just a downright average, often boring adventure you'll struggle to finish just because you are curious to see how it all ends. Fortunately for adventure gamers, Trecision improved their act significantly with each subsequent release.

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