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Based on the lewd and crude animated MTV series, MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual Stupidity is a third-person adventure featuring locations and voice acting faithful to the hit show. Players assume the role of both characters from the dysfunctional duo, each wanting to "score with hot chicks" and join their hero Todd's gang. Working as a team, their adventure encompasses Highland High School, the local convenience store, and even lands them in prison. A number of difficult, but well conceived puzzles need to be solved in order to progress, and similar to other games in the genre, interaction with other characters is essential to gather information and collect important items. The script and dialogue is often hilarious, and the character's voices are the same as the show, with creator Mike Judge handling most of the duties.

As a comedic diversion, four mini-games are included in the game, such as burning insects in "Bug Justice," "Air Guitar," throwing tennis balls at the court patrons, and "Hock-a-Lugie." Once completed, the games are selectable from the main menu, available for play anytime. The one problem in this otherwise flawless adventure is that it ends too soon and leaves you wanting more.

GameSpot once again came through with a great (meaning I perfectly agree with) review of this highly underrated, "campy" adventure game:

"Parents beware, the two relentlessly infantile voices of a lost generation have made the jump in screen resolution from MTV to your computer. What's funny is that they don't look any better. In fact, the crudely-drawn stylized artwork of the television series is accurately reproduced on the jagged lines of a computer screen. To complete the effect, Viacom New Media borrowed the original voice talent from the series, which creates a very smooth transition from linear to interactive, and in the process one very funny game.

All you'd expect from the eternally juvenile duo is here: fart jokes, painfully obvious sexual innuendoes, glorification of anything illegal or immoral, and the fruitless pursuit of girlfriends with one-liners such as, "Hey, um, do you like to do, like, stuff?" As with the show, the writers' satirical genius puts these antics into a perspective that makes everything undeniably funny. You appropriately control the two half-wits with a simple set of commands, using a mouse-driven interface that looks and operates suspiciously like a LucasArts adventure game.

In fact, Virtual Stupidity is largely unoriginal in its approach to interactive adventures, and even some of the puzzles are secondhand fare. But that's just not the point here. What makes this game so entertaining (and I gleefully played it through to the end) are the actions and reactions of the intelligence-challenged duo to the people and objects around them. Imagine the two as they interrogate patients on a mentally-deranged ward at the local jail. Or picture the look on Beavis' face as he inflates his shorts with a gas station air hose. Priceless. Some adventure games test your cunning, your skill, and your MacGyver-like aptitude in building a flare gun from toothpicks and oily cloth. Virtual Stupidity does none of the above, but instead thrives as a refreshing, contemporary, relaxing exercise in moronic humor."

There you have it-- one of the best adaptations of a famous TV license I've ever come across. Too bad all subsequent Beavis & Butthead games were inferior to this first release, and even got worse as time goes by. The voice acting (done by all original cast members of the show) is simply superb.

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