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May 15 1984. In a bar, shortly after a shady deal took place two men enter the bar. They are undercover cops, and once the criminal notices them, he flees the bar, and as his motorcycle skims past town, the pick-up truck used by the undercover cops isn't capable of keeping up when the criminal goes past a fence into an open field. However, while escaping, he left something very important behind. Three days later, someone breaks one of the agents' house. Inside, John and Jackie Ryan are brutally assassinated by an unknown hitman. Their son Jake witnesses everything hidden from the closet in his parent's room.

11 years pass by, and Jake Ryan, living with his grandmother since the incident, joins the Academy and graduates with flying colours. His parents' death turned into a cold case, despite the best attempts by Lyle Jamison, one of John's closest friends and P.I. to bring the criminals into justice. As he is assigned to the local Jackson Beach PD, he learns that stolen National Guard weapons are suspected to be circulating in the area, and one night something catches Jake's eye that might bring him closer to the truth...

Designed by former Police Quest mastermind Jim Walls, Blue Force is an adventure game mostly similar to Walls' previous games with Sierra, where real police procedures are blended into the gameplay. Visually it is also inspired by late SCI engine games, with carefully crafted backgrounds overlayed with video-captured sprites as characters. Interface, however, is different, as the player has the complete inventory on the bottom side of the screen and actions (walk, look talk and use) can be reached using the right button.

You're a cop - a rookie, following in your father's footsteps. Your old man was a darn good cop, and the reason you joined the force in the first place. The only problem is, he got killed one night, and the case was never solved. You're not actually trying to solve your father's murder, but you stumble upon some clues that make you change your priorities.

You must bust a gang of weapon smugglers and be really careful about it. It's not enough just to find them, you must stay alive - and don't slip up, or you'll be demoted to a night watchman and you'll be of no use to anyone anymore!

Now this is a pure 5 in my book.

This game is something I would call a real life simulation. OK, there's a lot of imagination involved, but this game is trying to be as realistic as possible! Forget to empty your gun before cleaning it - you get shot in the head; always call for back-up, think first, act later, always be ready, maintain radio contact, use the correct procedure... you get the picture.

Unarguably the best game from the group of renegade ex-Sierra employees that made up Tsunami, Blue Force is an excellent police adventure by none other than Jim Walls, of Police Quest fame. Despite easy puzzles, hackneyed dialogues, and a cliche plot, the game features a great interface, charming characters and graphics, and lots of optional points. Help rookie Jake Ryan on investigations that will shed light on his parents' mysterious death. It's much easier than Walls' Police Quest games, but it's still a great adventure that will particularly appeal to beginners. Much better than overhyped Police Quest 4 (which was not designed by Walls) at least.

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