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In the game set in mid 1930s you are a private investigator Sam Harlow, who has to solve the kidnapping of his ex-wife Rita Sweeney. At the beginning, you run away from two thugs, who want to kill you for some reason. They fail and you begin to search the town for clues, asking its inhabitants for information. But if you make wrong moves then you die - killers come from nowhere and kill you.

You have to type in the verb and the noun to make an action. Location is described in text form and presented by a picture, but sometimes the picture has more information then text provides.

One of the earliest and still the best murder mysteries ever made, Borrowed Time is a gripping story set in 1939. You play Sam Barlow, Private Eye, who must save his life from a death threat while investigating a case that has many twists and turns. Good writing, interface, and on-screen tutorial feature round off this forgotten classic in which you can die in many creative ways. The puzzles are not hard, but the fact that you'll be shot dead for no apparent reason whatsover (until you restore numerous times to find out) really bog down what is otherwise a good gumshoe game.

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