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Dinotopia is an adventure game designed primarily for children which is based upon the books "Dinotopia" and "The World Beneath" by James Gurney.

Players take the role of Nathan Drake, a shipwreck survivor. The major objective is to find Nathan's sister, Constance, who he hopes also survived and washed up elsewhere on the island.

In Dinotopia, dinosaurs are intelligent and speak their own language, which Nathan must learn in order to communicate with them. As he explores the island, he will be doing tasks for the dinosaurs and other humans, picking up inventory objects and solving simple puzzles.

The intriguing fantasy world of Dinotopia by celebrated writer/artist James Gurney is brought to life in this underrated adventure game for kids of all ages. You are Nathan, a young lad who found himself on an unknown land after a terrible storm that sank the ship. In your quest to find the missing sister, you will make friends with sentient dinosaurs, solve easy but interesting puzzles, and immerse yourself in this detailed and beautiful family game.

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