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One of the rarest CD-ROM adventure games of all time due to its limited distribution, Duckman: The Legend of The Fall is a great game based on a popular TV cartoon of the same name that airs on USA Network, which in turn was based on the underground comic created by Everett Peck. The story begins with you, Duckman, taking a long-overdue break from your TV show at a Hollywood spa. You soon learn that you have been replaced on the show by the new Duckman, a macho replacement hired in your absence. Unfortunately for you, he has become incredibly popular with the studio, the cast, and even the show's fans. As the original Duckman, you must find a way back onto the show and reclaim your star status. Along the way, you will find that your old enemy, King Chicken is behind the whole thing and is planning on murdering your family for revenge.

Duckman is based on the improved engine last used in Beavis and Butthead in Virtual Stupidity, i.e. traditional inventory-based point-and-click adventure. One of the annoying things about the otherwise excellent Virtual Stupidity is the game's tendency to pop in and out of a window for cutscenes. Thanks to full-screen Direct X support, this does not happen in Duckman: the cutscenes happen right inside the gameworld, thus maintaining the continuity and suspension of disbelief. True to the game's pedigree, the dialog is very witty, and full of quips from the TV shows that fans will recognize.

On the downside, the game is shorter than average, and very easy. Beginners should be able to finish it with little or no difficulty, while experienced gamers will be able to finish it in a few sittings. Still, great humor and plot makes Duckman a good game that's well worth a play through for everyone.

Duckman: The Legend of the Fall is a very well done adventure game with the same kind of interface seen in the many popular adventure from 1995 and later on and especially a game like Beavis and Butthead in Virtual Stupidity. The game is based on the popular cartoon TV series that was aired in the United States. Haven't seen it myself so whether it was funny or not is not something I can say anything about but would you listen to me anyway?

The game uses some of the most popular dialogs and includes quite a few things from some of the scenes from the original cartoon. The cut scenes are very well done is a good break from the actual game once in a while. The puzzles in the game are fairly easy and only few of them can stop your progress in the game for a longer while. This means that even inexperienced adventure players still have a good chance of completing Duckman without being stuck for too long each time (nothing worse when you are 100% sure that you have tried to do all things possible in the game). Sadly the game isn't very big so if you are looking for a huge and long adventure game this game isn't one you should choose.

Overall a good adventure game with decent graphics and a few comic situations. Nothing special in the game but it is still a solid adventure game offering good gameplay both the new and more experienced adventure game player.


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