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At first glance, Framed appears to be a low-rent version of platform games like

Mappy or Donkey Kong. This first impression is a false one, however, and

Framed actually turns out to be a fun game with many twists and turns.

Game play is quite good, with many different items to pick up and use. For every

situation, there is an item that has the potential for usefulness. The developers scattered

these items throughout the game.

In addition to the vast number of items available, Framed also allows players to

combine items. Sometimes this is necessary -- like when bullets are loaded into a gun --

and sometimes it is not -- like when a beefburger is combined with a crate. Discarded

items can be picked up again, but items that are used can only be used once.

Jumping is difficult to get down, but it is very necessary. Using items is fairly easy and

the game tends to use items automatically in situations where they are needed. Avoiding

guards and dogs without a gun is very difficult. Fortunately, there is usually plenty of

food around to re-energize.

Personally, I have not been able to solve the game. However, I have been spending many hours

trying. Game data can be saved and loaded for different sessions. Framed

will not be solved in one sitting.

Graphics are the weak point in Framed. Though they could be worse, there is really

no reason they are as bad as they are. I suppose that some developers want to get games

to market quickly. and that's why some games have inferior graphics. It's a shame this

happens in Framed. It's the only big negative aspect of the game.

Sound is fairly good. The opening theme and background music play well on a

Soundblaster card. The music in Framed isn't exactly Beethoven, but it is fairly good

ear candy for an early 1990s video game.

Framed is a game that platform buffs should enjoy. Once you find the prison map, the

game gets exciting. Framed will provide hours of gaming enjoyment before players

can solve it. That's the sign of a good game.

Graphics: Fairly Weak.

Sound: Good.

Enjoyment: Very Good.

Replay Value: Good.

You have been Framed and thrown into a foreign jail. Your quest is to escape the jail and then prove your innocence.

Although it is a side-scroller, arcade game in similar style to the Commander Keen Series, there is a deeper plot and more true "adventure" elements in Framed. While you do have weapons and ammunition, there are ways to avoid shooting enemies altogether. Up to 16 inventory items can be held at one time and some can be combined to use to solve a situation or puzzle.

Framed is a charming side-scrolling action/adventure game that successfully combines arcade and puzzle-solving elements into a satisfying experience (although it was Alone in the Dark series that popularized the action/adventure genre).

In this game, you start out as a prisoner who, as the title suggests, has been framed and must break out of prison to prove your innocence by catching the real culprit. The designers masterfully weaves arcade and adventure elements: as in most platform games, you have a "health bar" which goes down as you are shot at or hit by the guards. You can pick up various weapons to defend yourself, as well as "power-ups" to regain health. However, brute force isn't all that is needed to succeed: you must also solve various puzzles by collecting and using items, which sometimes must be combined. All the puzzles are logical, and some are even creative. Although they won't be a challenge to expert adventurers, they are far from obvious. Excellent built-in hints should appeal to adventure novices as well. There are a few things that could be better, such as some extreme pixel-hunting (items are hard to separate from the background) and unattractive graphics, but none of them cripples the game.

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