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Amateur made, shareware imitation of Monkey Island 2 / Simon the Sorceror. But don't let that put you off - this is a quality game in its own right. You are adventurer Paul Cole, the year is 1948, and you have been lowered down a pit to investigate a the discovery of a corpse. Then you find you cannot get out. The rest is up to you!

The main difference between this and another LucasArts' SCUMM engine game is the lack of obvious humor. It seems to take itself very seriously.

Great ideas can not only be implemented in the real world, but they can also create the virtual reality of a terrific computer game. I see Escape from Delirium as one of these truly inspired games. Made by just two people, with help from a few others, this game even matches the adventure games from LucasArts, and is often mistaken for one.

In Escape from Delirium, you play an archaeologist, Paul Cole, who accidentally witnesses a crime and therefore must appear in court. While travelling to the place where the trial is being held, you're unlucky enough to be on a hijacked plane carrying a bomb. Luckily, you manage to survive all of this and land in the middle of a jungle. If you think the task at hand is to get out of there and get to the court, you'd be literally and figuratively miles away. In reality - or virtual reality in this case - you wander around the jungle, clearing your path and slowly unravelling the plot. You'll learn about your destiny, work towards it, and when you think you're about to enter the final chapter, you win the game out of the blue.

The story might be a bit shoddy, but that's more than made up for by the other elements of the game. There's the LucasArts-quality graphics, with splendid cutscenes that keep you wanting more. For those that want to take a closer look, there are a pair of binoculars built into your inventory, so you can magnify anything you wish.

One of the main features that makes this game so much fun is the ambient soundtrack. Sitting back with cranked-up volume will give you the best experience of the game, the music pulling you right into the atmosphere. Some might say it becomes repetitive after a while, but these comments are usually from players who are stuck in the same place for too long.

Besides the music, the other main feature is the humor: morbid, cynical, and unscrupulous. However, you can't help but laugh all the way, then replay just to have a good laugh again. Nothing is really offensive, but some might not appreciate the number of dead bodies littering the screen for no apparent reason, and even less the jokes made whenever you encounter them. Then again, the jokes really are funny, so why mind them?

For those looking for an adventure game that's not all plot and intrigue, and are just looking to have a great laugh and a challenge, Escape from Delirium will be the game they need.

When I first saw this game I though it was an unknown game from LucasArts. Just look at that game engine... This is a great game that most of you never even heard of. You, as an archeologist (if I remember right) were sent into the sewer system to investigate an archeological site that was found some time ago. Something went wrong and You were trapped inside. After a while You'll get into the control room and be a witness of a murder...

I'm sure you know The Secret of Monkey Island series from Lucas Arts so you will most likely recognize several things in Escape from Delirium as well. The game reminds a lot of the Lucas Arts games with everything from the character to the humor included in the game.

You play as Paul Cook that is involved in a highly dangerous and intense story with terrorists, thieves, bombs and much more. As mentioned the humor is simply great and while the game isn't as funny as Monkey Island it is much nearer than many other adventure games. Virtual X-perience has really made good use of the popular point-and-click game engine. The graphics are also in the same kind of genre if you could call it that and Paul Cook might as well be named Guybrush Treepwood as it is almost the exact same character.

Sadly the game isn't that big meaning which is a bit sad because the game story and general game is quite good and it would have been great with a longer story. If you enjoy other point-and-click adventure games you will also enjoy Escape from Delirium without doubt. A great game from the small company Virtual X-perience.

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