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The smart aleck character Homey D. Clown was created in the early '90s, on the sketch comedy series In Living Color. In this adventure game from Capstone, players get to live out a day in his life. As the story goes, "Artopos Productions" needs a clown for a new television series, but someone mixed up Homey's phone messages so he's not sure where to go to apply for the job. A rival clown in town, Klutzo, wants the job for himself, so he sends out thugs to prevent Homey from reaching the right destination. Gameplay in Homey D. Clown involves exploring the city and trying to find the Artopos Productions building, while avoiding Klutzo's gang, moving cars, and money-stealing crooks.

"Homey don't play that!" Take on the role of Homey D. Clown, the most popular Damon Wayans character from Fox's sketch-comedy series "In Living Color". Players guide Homey through his typical day on the streets of New York, using his sock to bop the annoying people he meets. Gameplay is point-and-click, with a combination of adventure and a little arcade.

Probably the best (but not by much) among an average crop of movie and novel adaptations from Capstone that includes the horrendous Wayne's World, here you play a lowly clown trying to make a break for a TV station job. Travelling is a frustrating as you must evade the various bad guys around a huge map, and most puzzles are of the "get/buy item A to give person X" variety. Yet I still find it strangely and inexplicably compelling. If you have a mean streak, you might feel the same way ;)

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