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Back in 19th Century England, one man was able to kill and kill again without ever been caught. That man was Jack the Ripper. Now, the player is a Scotland Yard detective on the trail of this famous killer. He must converse with suspects, highlighting any important information that could be valuable to his case. Then, when he thinks he has enough evidence, the player pieces the clues together to finally catch the infamous killer.

In 1888, in the East End of London, the infamous Jack the Ripper baffled the police and terrified the city with his brutal murders. The Ripper was never caught, and the Ripper Murders have never been solved. You have a chance to do what Scotland Yard, the press, and dozens of books have never been able to do: bring Jack the Ripper to justice.

This game is the ultimate challenge for a desktop detective, as you chase the Ripper through London's East End. From the dark and foreboding cemetery to the Tower of London, you will question dozens of witnesses (and suspects) and examine vital evidence, each bringing you a step closer to the murderer. At Scotland Yard you can sift through the evidence, and then from the comfort of your private study you can compare your notes and unravel the crime. The clock is always ticking, and every minute either brings you closer to solving the case or pulls the Ripper further away from your clutches.

Jack the Ripper is a challenging game that could definitely give your detective skills a challenge that is uncommon in many games. The background scenery looks excellent and gives this game a dark and sinister atmosphere that is very fitting. Amateur detectives, true-crime readers, and mystery lovers can enjoy and appreciate this game for its depth and excellent storyline. These same factors can make it frustrating for gamers that are used to a more interactive and action-oriented gaming style, though.

While the background pictures are detailed and provide a good atmosphere, the lack of sound and music brings a small note of disappointment. While more of it could have added to the feel of the game, the lack of it does not take too much away.

The game involves a lot of reading and sifting through your notes, which can be daunting and intimidating. It requires a bit of good logical thinking as well as a lot of true detective skills.

The suspects do not just stand around and wait for you to question them; rather, they tend to leave the scene and wander around the city if you don't question them right away, and a lot of clues can lead to dead ends. You literally will watch your minutes pass, and you'll have to follow the best leads in the time that you have.

Movement from place to place within the East End, as well as investigation of all the locations, is handled through the use of your mouse and certain letter keys which are highlighted in the game's menus. You can also scroll through the various witnesses to question them on their whereabouts, as well as make notations in your notebook with a quick double click on the appropriate text. This may take a little while to get used to, but it can quickly become second nature.

Jack the Ripper has three levels of difficulty and a tutorial, which I would recommend for any new player to help learn the interface and workings of the game. Good luck to you, detective, and hurry - the clock is ticking.

Probably one of the best investigation games ever. As the title suggests, Jack the Ripper puts you in the unfittingly pants of the detective who has to unravel the mysteries behind the savage murders that plagued London at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Your goal is to collect all possible clues -this includes searching crime scenes and interrogating witnesses and suspects- and then tie the clues together to obtain a conclusion. Clues are called 'premises' in the game and are all collected in your trusty notebook: when you go to your study you have the possibility of selecting two premises, and if you pick the correct ones your character will add a "conclusion"... the more conclusions, the closer you get to the culprit.

One thing is for sure: the game is very, very hard. Not only you don't know when the clues you gather will be enough to gain some conclusions, but the places you visit are also filled with "wrong" clues. Moreover, you must learn to think as the programmers of the game, beacause it will often happen to you to find two clues apparently work together perfectly, but they just can't be tied up to make a conclusion.

Graphic is pretty old but adequate, the game itself is after all just a bunch of clicking around the screen (forget stuff like in Cruise for a Corpse). The atmosphere of the foggy London is remarkably portrayed anyway. At any rate, Jack the Ripper is probably the most challenging game of its kind that you'll find out there. If you are a fan of this genre then Jack the Ripper is probably a very good choice, but if you don't like mindbreaking enigmas then you'll probably get frustrated very soon.

Jack the Ripper is arguably the ultimate detective game. Based on the sensational Jack the Ripper murders in 19th century London, your job is to deduce the killer's identity before he strikes again. Gameplay consists of highlighting text obtained by interrogation or search to record them as clues (or "premises" in the game's lingo) in your notebook. Then you must combine these premises logically to derive the solution. This novel method makes for a mostly static and "dry" game consisting of reams of text, but patient Sherlock Holmes fans who cherish abstract deduction will find this an ideal game to follow in Holme's footsteps.

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