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Split into knowledge, wisdom and understanding sections, the Kobyashi Naru trial must be completed in order to gain immortal status. Collect the required objects from each one in this adventure game.

The game offers pictures of each location and significant objects, and a textual description of each location, but beyond this the game system is atypical of 1980s adventures, especially those originating on cassette. A set of icons is displayed in the top half of the screen, which are selected to activate movement, item manipulation, analysing the scene (by selecting specific words of text), and actions like ascending, throwing and swimming. Puzzle solving always uses objects either in the scene description or your inventory.

One of the strangest adventure games ever made, Kobyashi Naru has an innovative interface (choose a verb among icons and specific noun from the description of the scene to make sentences) but an incomprehensible plot (similar to Mastertronic's earlier Shard of Inovar). The game, which takes place on an alien planet, hardly makes any sense at all, especially because of the strange words like "klam" that you'll often hear in the game but have no idea of their meaning. Fortunately, easy puzzles help save the game from being an exercise in frustration. Play it only if you are curious about how convoluted a game can get.

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