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The sequel to Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The game concept is still the same, though they did improve a lot of features that one may consider 'disturbing' from RTK I (e.g. Generals dying easily due to disease, etc.). RTK can be said to be much more 'stable' where players no longer have to worry that much about time length in the game, as the game take a slower time rate to allow the players to build up their forces without much interference. The RTK II gameplay and interface is closely similar to Nobunaga's Ambition II.

Anyone familiar with KOEI will reckognize the company as the developer of the brilliant computer series Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which later gave birth to the Kessen series for the Playstation. This is the second game in the series, and is just packed with action.

The game is based on the rivalry between Liu Bei and Cao Cao, two leading figures in Ancient China. But... As usual with KOEI games, you don't have to play one of these, and are free to choose between 12 different leaders. Each one of these has a different starting position and generals. And if you have some friends around the game supports up to 12 players in multiplayer-mode.

The music is as usual very pleasing to the ear, and the same is the graphic... only to the eyes. The object of the game is to conquer the whole of China, and with 11 rivals this is not an easy task. A good tip would be to start making alliances right away. And if you go to war, use several generals, and divide your army into seperate groups. Romance of the Three Kingdoms II uses a very nice attack feature called simultaneously attack, which means that several troops can attack at once. And each unit can attack once with the support of the other troops, so if you have an enemy surrounded with four troops, you get a whoopin total of 16 attacks (4x4). You also have access to magic, which can really turn the tides of the battle if used correctly.

All in all this is an excellent strategy game, with excellent battle-controls and a really magnificent political system. With options like bad propaganda, bribing, assassinations, alliances, and of course duels between the leaders. If a leader refuses to fight man to man, he will be considered a coward, and some of his men will flee. The game is just perfect, and a must have.

The game supports multiplayer up to 12 players.

The sequel to KOEI's excellent Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a somewhat inferior game. As opposed to a balanced gameplay of the first game which requires you to use both strategic and tactical prowess to win, RtK 2 makes winning much easier with brute force. Once you have a sizeable number of troops and good generals, you basically win the game. Despite the lack of strategic depth and tactics and a seemingly dumber computer AI, RtK 2 is still an immensely enjoyable game that might appeal to anyone looking for an easy game of conquest, but will disappoint veteran RtK commanders looking for a tougher challenge.

The sequel of the first one ofcourse. Concept is still the same: built a great chinese Empire with. Some game improvements where made to play it more easily. Time is e.g. a bit slower. Good game!

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