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Kronolog is a graphic adventure that is based on an alternate world, where the Nazis won world war two and proceeded towards world domination. The world as it is now is crumbling from excess pollution, enviromental problems, etc. and you play the part of Hoffman, a member of the government who is in search of his missing son. Gameplay is standard 2d-adventure with a series of icons you mouse-click with to achieve the desired actions.

Uses vga graphics, and includes a series of voiceovers and digitized pictures for specific persons/conversations.

The developers certainly didn't skimp on the title for this game did they? Kronolog is set in the future and tells the story of the world after a Nazi victory in WWII. Naturally things are pretty grim, worldwide governments are totalitarian, the workers are downtrodden and big brother is everywhere. But enough of current events, what's the game setting like?

Pretty much as you'd imagine. But your character, Dr Hoffman, is organising resistance and must save his son and change history all in one go. Naturally if you succeed things will be back to how they 'really' are, which is a nice twist. Although the plot is interesting and the setting is rather original I can only really recommend this to fans of adventuring that are determined to play every game going, or players who find the setting or premise interesting. Why?

Well to be honest the interface is shockingly bad and many of the puzzles require you to pick out a tiny pixel of difference in the scene. Worse than that though, you can actually get quite far into the game before realising that you've made a mistake that there is no way to rectify! Luckily that kind of nonsense has almost vanished from adventure gaming. Kronolog's poor reception probably contributed to developers dropping the whole idea that you could die or get stuck in games.

If you are going to tackle this game, and I by no means discourage you, then I suggest you arm yourself with some kind of guide and save frequently. I guess I've probably put off a lot of people from trying this game, but if you like your adventures tough and with a plot that challenges you and gives you a nice taste of history then this is for you.

Kronolog presents one answer to the intruguing question: What would the future be like if Hitler's Nazi had won World War II? You are Dr. Hoffman, American scientist by day and leader of an underground movement by night who, in a quest to save your son, are given a chance to alter human history. The intriguing plot and excellent details are unfortunately buried under annoying interface (you cannot even use the keyboard for movement) and pixel-hunting puzzles. Warning: This game is extremely unforgiving: you *can* proceed far into the game only to realize that you need something you forgot to pick up in the first screen. Ignore the walkthrough at your own risk.

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