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This is a sequel to the Innocent Until Caught game with Jack T. Ladd as the main character. It looks a lot like its predecessor but it does bring some big improvements. The biggest one is bringing a new character into the game.

The game starts with Jack's arrest. All of you who played the first game will probably ask who could possibly succeed to catch a dirty, obnoxious and vicious male chauvinist like Jack? Well the only person capable of performing such a task would have to be a strong, tough, persistent, dedicated, cunning and a fearless red-haired feminist. Yes, that's right - a WOMAN. Believe me, Jack was even more surprised.

Bringing another character into the game (agent Ysanne Andropath) is what makes this adventure game different. You can choose to play either one of the two characters and you are put into the same adventure, but with completely different puzzles. They have to simultaneously do different jobs, but at the same time they also have to cooperate, although they are on different sides of the law. As you can guess, there will be a lot of man-woman rivalry related words, naturally, non of them offensive but very amusing instead.

You should probably choose to play with Ysanne first so you can learn the story from the first hand. Apparently, after Jack's arrest, some unknown sort of aggressive aliens popped-up form another dimension.

Unfortunately for Ysanne, Jack managed to escape from the cell and sabotaged the hyper-drive. Since the ship is low on fuel, they have to land on a nearby planet where they will discover this new alien threat. Ysanne will decide to take everything into her hands and save the galaxy.

Although adventure games with multiple characters were nothing new back than, they are still rare and this game managed to unite two characters into same adventure that act differently but still are connected on their journey. For example, Ysanne has to find what happened on the planet, while Jack had to sabotage the drive and, later on, to find the fuel. Although they'll both need to help each other sometimes, you won't find any clues to solve other character's puzzles if playing with another one. This game is well worthy playing twice.

The gameplay is typical for adventure games of that period (like Sierra games). You can do everything with a mouse, right-click to change actions and left-click to perform them (few standard actions). The main part of the screen is for gameplay, current location with exits in lower-left, actions in lower-middle and inventory in lower-right part of the screen. There are still some pixel hunts unfortunately, some headache puzzles (the game is not easy at all) and lot of conversation between Ysanne and Jack. Although the story has Jack use his "charms" to introduce himself to a good-looking lady, the main story doesn't bother you at all, actually, as you progress in the game, solving puzzles and watching those two "develop" a relationship. The conversations look like in the previous game, with faces of people who interact and lines to choose the dialogue from.

As for the technical part of the game, it wasn't much at the time it appeared in really. The graphics are nicely drawn in the same style like its predecessor, nothing breath-taking and the sound is average in the best case. You could even say that the game is a little late with graphics, but considering that this is an adventure game where puzzles are much more important then graphics, most adventure players will be more than pleased.

This is a typical adventure game with (once again) non-typical combination of two characters in the same adventure, average graphics and sound. It's maybe a little short, but with some very hard puzzles. A definite must have for every adventure fan.

This sequel to underrated Innocent Until Caught sports the same flexible game engine, with better and longer plot. Intergalactic two-bit thief and failed womanizer Jack T. Ladd is back, but this time you can also choose to play as Ladd's female nemesis and potential love interest, who has her own different path that converges with Jack's near the end.

The puzzles in Guilty are not as challenging or innovative as those in the first game (there are a lot less items you can combine, for example), although they are still fun to solve. Dialogues and plot also are not as well-written this time around, but the 2 diverging paths that make the game replayable at least twice more than makes up for it. A fun game if you like the first game, but nothing revolutionary. If you liked tongue-in-cheek, "light" sci-fi games, and can stand cheesy dialogues and cliche plot, give this one a try. If not, play the first game, or Beneath a Steel Sky instead.

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