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The Dagger of Amon Ra is the sequel to Laura's previous adventure, The Colonel's Bequest. Laura Bow, fresh out of college, is hired by a New York newspaper and told to investigate a museum theft. The item is a priceless ancient Egyptian artifact, and possible suspects prove plentiful. During a party to celebrate the opening of the museum's new section, someone is murdered and Laura, after asking to be allowed to investigate, is locked in. This sets the stage for a series of murders, much in the same vein as the original game.

In this interesting game, you play Laura Bow, a young lady who's just out of college and is trying to get a job as a reporter in the male-dominated world of the 1920s. The first job you get is at the New York Daily Tribune, thanks to your father and his friends. You're given the task of writing an article about the recent disappearance of an ancient Egyptian artifact - the Dagger of Amon-Ra. In the beginning, Laura is a rookie newspaper writer, but as the game progresses, she will become a fully fledged investigator. An elegant party at the museum, which takes place at the start of the game, quickly takes a turn for the worse as bodies begin to pile up, with Laura right in the middle of all the action! When everyone is a suspect, whom can you trust?

The game is designed like all Sierra games, except this time you're given the questioning bubble, which allows you to ask questions about other people, objects in your possession, or various places. The puzzles are really tough, so be prepared for some serious thinking and have plenty of patience. Newbies should be warned, while the adventure veterans shouldn't have too much trouble. With all these great aspects of the game, why do I give it a 4? First of all, you have to save all the time. This is one of those games which you cannot complete successfully if you miss or overlook an important artifact. You'll have no choice but to start over from the beginning. Also, Act 3 is quite difficult, because you're expected to think of things for which you are not given any hints or clues. Don't be surprised if you miss most of the stuff that goes on. My recommendation is that you save often and always have a couple of save files ready!

In closing, the game is a really creative and intriguing mystery, but it can be very frustrating at times. Unless you're willing to play this game a couple of times, you could miss huge chunks of plot, and trust me, it isn't hard to miss them. Get this game, save a lot, and don't be ashamed to look at a walkthrough if you need to. Pull up a chair, play some swing music, and practice your Charleston, because you're about to venture into the Roaring Twenties!

Another classic from Sierra! After Laura's graduation she works for a New York newspaper. Her assignment is to investigate some theft at a museum. Before she knows she's in deep trouble and has to solve some murders and find the stolen Egyptian artefact.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (279 MB).


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