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The legend continues. In first part of this trilogy, you were Brandon, soon to be a king, and only heir to the throne determined to stop the evil jester - Malcolm. Now, you're playing Zanthia, the young sorceress. Kyrandia is dissapearing. The high council found the cure for that - the anchor from the center of the world. When you come to that anchor, you'll see that this is not the answer. Marco's Hand is behind that sabotage (Marco is your friend, clumsy but with nice attentions. Hand is a big hand that isn't that nice as you think). Now, you must save Kyrandia before everything else vanishes without a trace.

If was to say Hand of Fate is best game ever created, I would probably be wrong (taking into account other great titles like Quest for Glory 1, Dragonsphere, and so on). That's why I'm going to say it like this: Hand of Fate is one of the best games ever created. This excellent game is the sequel to Legend of Kyrandia 1, and the predecessor of Malcom's revenge. In my opinion, HoF is the best game in the series, although I only played a small part of Legend of Kyrandia 1. But enough of that as this is a review for HoF, and not some other title in the series.

In this second part of the trilogy you play the part of Zanthia, the youngest of the order of Kyrandia mystics. The story goes like this: Kyrandia is slowly dissapearing (trees vanishing into thin air right before your eyes and things like that). The only solution to save the land is to find the anchorstone, located in the centre of the world.

You start the game in your hut. This is when you find out that all your belongings have been stolen. The hut is trashed and Zanthia is very upset. The first two things you need to obtain are the cauldron, and the recipe book. With these two, you will be able to concoct all sorts of potions, which you will need throughout the game. There are numerous puzzles, many of which are not simple, and require some neurons to be wasted :) However, there are also some puzzles which can be solved only by trial and error, simply because you don't know what you're supposed to do. You're all probably wondering what's so great about this game. Well, where do I start?

Graphics? Stunning! Just look at the screenshots to the right, they say a million words. There are also wonderful animations. The game also has a short intro movie, which describes the desperate situation very well. The music is simply gorgeous, and the sounds are great. Also, the game is very fun to play. In fact the graphics style and the humorous dialogues are characteristic of Westwood, so if you haven't played any of their games before, this is an excellent opportunity to do so. I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Anything else I'm forgetting here? Oh yes, what's the hand doing in the title? Well, the hand helps in some parts of the game. In fact it helps you right at the beginning, by telling you where to get the anchorstone.

Closing thoughts: Another gem from my favorite computer company, Westwood (before it was bought by EA)

The Omuletzu curiosity bit:

About the game: Legend of Kyrandia 2 uses Trulight technology. This illuminates each scene more cinematically, to give the impression of a fuller, three dimensional picture.

About the company: Westwood, one of the 90's most popular software company, was founded in 1985, by Brett W. Sperry and Louis Castle. Their "office" was a garage in Las Vegas.

Part of The Legend of Kyrandia Trilogy

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