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Imagine the indignity of being confined to a hospital because of your dreams. That's exactly what the evil Dr. Funfrock has done to Twinsen, the reluctant hero of this graphic adventure. Through dreams brought on by the Goddess Sendell, Twinsen has seen that the task of restoring peace and harmony in the world falls squarely on his polygonal rounded shoulders. Unfortunately, Dr. Funfrock is aware of this as well and imprisons our hero in an asylum to keep him out of the way. The long journey begins with Twinsen attempting to escape from his incarceration with the ultimate objective of denying the tyrant Funfrock his goal of world domination. Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure mixes humor and drama with cinematics and 3D backgrounds to create a fun, rich world full of dozens of locations and more than a hundred buildings to explore.

The game is broken into chapters and you'll need to uncover many items along the way to advance. Items, like keys, money, clovers, hearts and magic flasks, are usually guarded by Funfrock's clones and you'll have to fight to get what you need. Four-leaf clovers are really important as they give Twinsen extra life or restore power. Die without them and you'll usually have to restart at the beginning of a level. That brings up an irritating problem. There is no option for saving games when you want to; the designers have taken that "burden" from you by having automatic saves occur at their points of choice (milestones), usually at the beginning of a scene. This can be extremely annoying and is totally unnecessary in an otherwise well designed game. You're also limited to 50 game saves so you'll eventually have to decide which saves to delete.

The interface is fairly simple but requires some practice. You move Twinsen by using the keyboard arrow keys (up for forward, down for back). The right and left arrows simply turn him, then it's back to the up or down key again. These seemingly simple moves are modified by using other keys depending on Twinsen's behavioral mode. You have four choices here of aggressive (fighting mode), athletic (running mode), discreet (sneaky mode) or normal. To further complicate matters, the aggressive mode has two control options: auto and manual. Both require use of the spacebar to make Twinsen fight, but the manual mode requires a combination of keys (spacebar plus arrow). So although not particularly intuitive, once learned it becomes manageable.

As you wander the world of Twinsun, you'll encounter four species. Twinsen's race, Quetches (ponytails), elephant-like Grobos, Rabibunnies (tall rabbits) and Spheros (small and rotund). None are basically helpful in resisting the clones but you'll need to figure out which ones to trust in order to get information. They normally come in two flavors: nasty or nice. Relentless is a solid game due in no small part to the storyline, the surreal and intriguing environment and a competent AI that is not always predictable when structuring interactive character responses to Twinsen's actions.

Graphics: Advanced game options give you a choice of polygon and shadow detail as well as a zoom option. Fluid animation, terrific artwork and enriched colors provide a quality visual product for adventuring enjoyment.

Sound: Good digitized speech and unobtrusive musical score.

Enjoyment: Somewhat on the short side but a ton of fun to play. Good story with complex, branching interrelated puzzles. Fitting all the pieces together is a challenge for any adventurer.

Replay Value: Different Twinsen behavior modes can trigger different character reactions. Probably worth a second look.

As Twinsen, a young Quetch, the player is on a long journey to release your home world from the domination of the evil doctor Funfrock.

The game combines action and adventure. You must talk to other characters, and collect and use objects. On the action side, there are platform jumps. Twinsen can move in different ways such as 'Sneak' mode and 'Aggressive' mode, to deal with foes in different ways.

The game universe is rendered with characters in full 3D, and the environment using isometric graphic tiles.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (506 MB).
This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (436 MB).


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