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Based on Charles Perrault's tale, the game is an interactive book for kids and another part in the Once Upon A Time series.

The player can take the role of both Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. Depending on this choice, the game has different objectives.

As Little Red Riding Hood, the player should:

gather all items necessary to bring the cake to your Grandmother or find the houses of lost animals in a first-person perspective point-and-click view

travel through the forest catching butterflies, or collect the nuts brought by friends, and avoid the wasps in a third-person perspective side view

interact with the Wolf and knock him out with a stick in first-person perspective point-and-click view

As the Wolf, the player should:

gather all items necessary to go hunting or chase the animals out of their houses in a first-person perspective point-and-click view

travel through the forest catching birds or squirrels to eat, and avoid his old foe Raven in a third-person perspective side view

interact with Little Red Riding Hood and knock her out with his claws in a first-person perspective point-and-click view

Three difficulty levels are available. After finishing the game, the player can replay the game starting from one of five 'checkpoints'.

Probably the only game from Coktel Vision that was designed with kids in mind, Little Red Riding Hood is a hodgepodge mix between adventure and action elements that are, more often than not, more frustrating than fun. The plot is based on a familiar bedtime story that most of us grew up with: little Red Riding Hood is an innocent young girl who has a harrowing encounter with a hungry wolf that is pretending to be her ailing grandmother (exactly how a huge gray wolf manages to look like an old woman is beyond me). She must, of course, try to outwit the wolf in order to survive.

The game lets you play as either the heroine or the wolf, both of which follow the same gameplay pattern, only with different plots. The game's first sequence, for instance, is to dress up either Riding Hood or the wolf in their appropriate outfits. This is more or less a pointless clicking exercise, where you just randomly click at various objects on the screen until all the objects are found. Fortunately, the remaining parts of the game are not this inane, and feature some fun arcade sequences and inventory-based puzzles.

None of the game's sequences is difficult even on the hardest difficulty level-- a fact which is probably due to the game being designed for kids. As a kid's title, though, the game is still disappointing: it lacks any educational value, and some arcade sequences may be too frustrating for young gamers. Little Red Riding Hood is therefore best regarded as a curious artifact of Coktel's inconsistent career, and little else.

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