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Bookend has been mixing up Bookwyrm's fairy tales and you have to set things right by aiding well known fairy tale characters such as Cinderella and Snow White.

To set things right, you will need to go around acquiring objects, such as Jack's magical beans, to give to Jack so that he can raise a beanstock.

The game is designed with younger gamers in mind, and features a simple VGA interface with two actions, "Do" and "See"; rather than the full hidden icon bar used in other Sierra games.

Ever wonder what it'd be like to become eight years old again? Ever want to experience that weird, fuzzy feeling of being a kid once more? Here's your chance, as Mixed Up Fairy Tales will have this effect on each player.

Mixed Up Fairy Tales takes you to a land of wonders. You're not there for a holiday, though. Bookwyrm, the keeper of the fairy tales book, has brought you here for a specific reason. Some fairy tales have become mixed up, and Bookwyrm needs you to sort them out.

So your journey begins.

From the first second you set out on your mission, this game will captivate you. The marvellous scenery, along with the enchanting music, pulls you into the game as you happily nestle into the lush surroundings. From the beautiful forest to the fairy tale castle and nearby town, you'll be guided by various classical songs, each one perfect for the occasion.

In contrast to its predecessor, Mixed Up Mother Goose, this game isn't for all ages. The little ones mightn't understand the game or be able to read the text, so you'll have to read it to them. Children who can read will have a great time, and so will the big kids. Game controls are more difficult than in Mixed Up Mother Goose but still easy enough for most ages to handle. There are only two things you can do: look at something and use something. Walking, talking, picking things up, etc, are all done by selecting 'do'. Looking is done by selecting 'see'.

Want to have a peak behind the scenes of our beloved fairy tales? Want to know how Cinderella got that pumpkin or how the prince found Snow White? Then you must play Mixed Up Fairy Tales.

Several years after the nice adventure Mix Up Mother Goose, Sierra continues their adventure with this nice one. You play yourself (you make up your own name before you start) and you'll magically enter Fairy Taleland. A nice dragon wants your help. All the fairytale stories are mixed up. The gameplay has been improved of course with click and go, without any typing. The gamemusic is fabulous, nice famous classical songs.

Mixed-up Fairy Tales is a Sierra On-Line title that borders on the edge of the edutainment genre. It was released in the early nineties after being developed especially for the DOS format. It plays as an adventure game from the third person perspective, but instead of having a classical puzzle-solving theme, it is more of an educator.

In this game, Bookwyrm, a magical dragon, is the keeper of all of the classic fairy tales in his special book. Somehow, the fairy tales have become mixed up and confused, and Bookwyrm has brought the user to the land of wonders to help sort them back out. The user actually plays the part of a little child, and has a choice of six avatars. The gamer can give his charge whatever name he wants. There are five famous fairy tales that the user has to sort out: Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and Bremen and the Town Musicians. The willful and mischievous troll, Bookend, has cleverly combined them all.

All of the fairy tale characters have a problem that the user will have to help them solve. Jack is having a time chopping down the beanstalk, because he believes someone has stolen his axe. Cinderella and the handsome prince are not hooking up because the glass slipper is missing. Snow White is just plain lost and can't find the home of the seven dwarves for anything. With all of the problems that the user has to face, he is fortunate to have Bookwyrm in his corner offering advice and little hints whenever he gets stuck.

The game is basically geared for children and so features a much simpler user interface than most other adventure games. A single icon is used to interact in every way with everything. Using an object is the same as walking across a room, without any clicking in between. Also playing to the younger crowd, the user cannot die. There are also no dead ends where the user will not be able to complete the game because he failed to do something in a previous sequence. The game saves itself automatically and is titled beneath the character's name, instead of requiring different inputs for saving.

Overall, this is a nice little children's game, complete with elements of many children's stories. As long as the gamer keeps Mixed-up Fairy Tales intent in mind, it is going to be a satisfying play. If a thirty-nine-year-old user with advanced college degrees downloads this for a challenge, he is not going to be pleased. But it is perfect for kids, and many adults will enjoy it for its classic feel.

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