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As a direhard fan of classic gaming, I was sorely disappointed to hear Sierra would be remaking some of it's earlier titles.

Quest for Glory I Vga lost the elements of the original game which I truly enjoyed. The thinking aspect was totally removed, in a move (I suspect) to make the game more appealing to a larger audience.

Quest for Glory I Vga is all point and click. No more typing (which I enjoyed, and now have great quick typing thanks to Sierra games). The games look a bit better, but I thought the original wasn't bad graphics-wise.

Sierra cancelled it's project to revitalize the older games after making King's Quest 1 VGA and Quest for Glory 1 Vga. I would have much rather seen the effort that was put into re-issuing the games instead put into creating more new games. It's quite like the new "re-mixes" people are doing with songs. Some old stuff, just a different sound.

On the plus side, all your old puzzles are still there. You don't have to think quite as hard (was my favourite part of the game), so if you're a little slow at problem solving, Quest for Glory 1 Vga gives you a bit of a helping hand.

My recommendation? If you're looking for the adventure and fun of the Quest for Glory series, play the original. Quest for Glory 1 Vga doesn't hold half the excitement of the original.

Graphics: Although nice looking, they're not breathtaking enough to warrant a re-make of the game.

Sound: Nothing earth shattering as well.

Enjoyment: Enjoyed this far less than the original.

Replay Value: The simplistic form of the game is even less fun to play again.

One of Sierra's classic VGA remakes, "Quest for Glory" is a 256-color version of the RPG adventure Hero's Quest with a brand new interface.

It looks like the quiet, fairy-tale-like town of Spielburg could use a hero! The governor's daughter is missing, there is a gang of dangerous robbers who have their camp somewhere near the town, and the witch Baba Yaga is up to some mischief. You, a lonely adventurer, agree to take the job and to help the people of Spielburg.

Although very similar to Sierra's other "quest" games in perspective and interface (as well as in humor), this is not a pure adventure, but rather a RPG/adventure hybrid. The hero can start as either a Fighter, a Mage, or a Thief. Playing as each one of those classes not only gives you different abilities, but also changes many objectives and puzzles in the game, and influences the plot. Walking in the wilderness areas near Spielburg, you will be attacked by enemies and fight them in real- time combat. Instead of experience points and levels system you gain better stats directly after every fight. You can also train your other skills, such as climbing or throwing, by performing the appropriate actions repeatedly.

This remake features VGA graphics (most of the locations and character graphics were completely re-done), and a new, icon-based interface (instead of the text input in the original). You select dialogue choices from a dialogue menu, instead of typing conversation topics by yourself. Combat engine and some dialogues were also re-made.

The VGA remake of the first episode from the Quest for Glory series.

The Quest for Glory games feature a great mix of adventure and roleplaying all in one package. So if you find adventure games to be to adventurish and roleplaying games to roleplayerish you might consider this one. ;)

You arrive at the village of Spielburg which has some serious problems to be dealt with. Brigands terrorize the little town and an evil Ogre sorceress is spreading mayhem across the land. They need a hero and, lucky for you, you arrive just in time. Save the Baron's children, defeat the Ogre sorceress and claim the title 'Hero of Spielburg' so everyone will remember you as the greatest hero of all time!

When first starting the game, you can choose whether you want to be a Thief, Fighter or a Mage. Depending on the choice you make, you will have a different gameplay. The main quest will still be the same for all three jobs. But robbing the house of the sheriff as a thief gives great satisfaction.

The overall quality of this game is very high. Great graphics, good storyline, some nifty humor and at least this time you die by your own fault in the battles instead of dying a Sierra death!

Play it, you won't regret it!

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