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The third game in Quest for Glory series is set in the Africa-like world of Tarna, where you travel with your new liontaur friends you have met in the second game. Shortly after your arrival, you learn about the conflict between the liontaurs and the neighbor Simbani village, populated by the leopardmen. It is now time for our hero to become a skillful diplomat and to prevent an upcoming war between the two nations.

The gameplay system of "Wages of War" is the same as in the two previous games. The game plays like an adventure, with puzzles to solve and characters to talk to, with the additional of RPG elements: combat (action-based) and character development. You can play as either a fighter, a thief, a mage, or a paladin, and raise your skills directly after battles or by performing various actions. Graphics and interface underwent a major change. This is the first 256-color Quest for Glory game, and the first one to utilize the new, icon-based interface.

Ah, another quality adventure game from Sierra! This is the third chapter in the ever interesting Quest for Glory series.

Here the Hero finds himself in the land of Tarna! A world very similar to Africa... with a few monsters and lion/humanoid creatures, not to mention ferocious shape-changers that change from leopards to humans much like werewolves. In this game you're left with the task of preventing civil war between the two factions blaming each other for the theft of each of their own ancient artifacts.

The Simbani have lost their ancient spear and blame the Leopard men, while the Leopard men blame the Simbani for the theft of their ancient drum. With war soon to break out, both tribes look to the proud Liontaurs for aid. With Rakeesh, who also appear in Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire, as well as Uhara, the hero must yet again set right to wrong in this priceless game.

This game uses the same system as Quest for Glory 1: So You Want To Be a Hero? VGA mixing role-playing and adventure games into one solid game-play interface. Again you are given the option of what "Class" you want to play, whether it be Magic-User, Fighter, or Thief. The graphics are great on this game, as well as the puzzles. Some of the puzzles do get tricky, but as I recall none of them were too complicated. Also, be for warned, there are many easter eggs, as I recall one being Laurel and Hardy lost in the Desert.

In closing, this is a great game that definitely deserves a spot on all the fans of adventure games shelves. It's witty, it's heroic, it's got hours of fun puzzles, including a version of the very old game Mancala, and overall it is possibly one of the best games produced by Sierra On-Line. Enjoy!

Quest for Glory 3: Wages of War is yet another title in Sierra On-Line's popular Quest for Glory series. It was released in the early nineties and is a role playing game and adventure hybrid with medieval or fantasy themes. The entire game is two-dimensional and plays from the third person perspective. It follows Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire very closely.

In this installment of the Quest for Glory series, the user has questions always in the back of his mind. In the previous game, the user defeated Ad Avis, but the beginning of Wages of War hints that he was not destroyed. It also hints at the location of your arch rival, but it does not seem to go any further. Instead, that part of the plot is reserved for Quest for Glory IV. Instead, the hero in this game is faced with the problems of a war-torn jungle and savannah environment, similar to Africa. Two rival tribes are about to wage war against each other, likely destroying the ecosystem in the process. Each tribe has a relic sacred to the other, and neither of the stubborn factions will budge as far as making a truce and returning the items. The goal of the user's character is to prevent war, unite the tribes, and lead the new allies against a greater evil.

When beginning the game, the user can import characters from previous Quest for Glory games, or start fresh with a new character. The user must determine his occupation, either Thief, Wizard or Fighter. The choice of occupation directly effects how many of the puzzles will be solved, since each class has access to different skills. Like a role playing game, the user's statistics will raise as he completes quests, fights battles and solves puzzles. The user will have to run all over the world and interact with many nonplaying characters who may have clues or inventory items available to help the character solve the puzzles and unite the Uhura and the Leopardmen. In this aspect, Quest for Glory III is very much like an adventure game. Like an adventure game, there is a little bit of pixel hunting, but the improved graphic display removes most of the frustration from this task.

Overall, Quest for Glory 3: Wages of War slides nicely into the series and is a good gaming combination. There are numerous puzzles, some interesting tasks, and an overall good adventure to be had here. The ability to import characters is always fun, and the battle sequences have been much improved, especially for a fighter that is brought into the game. This is a nice little play and should provide a satisfying challenge to adventure gamers and RPGamers alike.

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