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A futuristic adventure game that borrows graphical elements from Blade Runner (in fact, the title character's name is "Blade Hunter"). You must find out what is killing--by horrible, spontaneous mutation--inhabitants of the city, before it's too late. An oriental cult, drugs, and street informants are among the places you find clues.

Dynamix's first adventure, Rise of The Dragon, is a futuristic game that borrows some elements from Blade Runner.

The year is 2053. Chandra Vicenzi, a young girl from L.A. who also happens to be the mayor's daughter and a drug addict, dies in a pleasure district of the city. Her body mutates into some form of lizard, and she is not the only one. For the mayor, this was the last straw, since it's the election year, and he wants someone to investigate things with no publicity.

You are William "Blade" Hunter, ex-cop and private investigator. As a private eye, you are hired to investigate the death of the mayor's daughter. You will soon find yourself involved in a Chinese Mafia drug ring, mysterious deaths, and an ancient Chinese prophecy. As an NPC in the game would say, "Dooomed, we are all doomed. Bahumat has risen again!"

The game is great. It has a non-linear plot, many puzzles to be solved, and multiple endings, so you can play it again and again. Characters in the game can and will remember your actions and words, so you must be careful. Also, the game has comic-book style cut scenes that advance the storyline and excellent arcade sequences.

To end, here's a few bits of advice: Remember to pick up your ID Card and clothes before you hit the street. Use inventory with a left mouse click when you need to give or take things and with a right mouse click when you want to equip Blade.

In conclusion, I would advise every adventure fan to give this one a try!

Dynamix's first adventure game, Rise of The Dragon is one of the most atmospheric graphical adventures ever made and Jeff Tunnell's masterpiece. As futuristic private eye and ex-cop Blade Hunter hired investigate the death of the mayor's daughter in Los Angeles circa 2004 AD, you soon find yourself embroiled in a wide-scale drug ring and an ancient Chinese prophecy. The game's atmospheric graphics and comic-book style cutscenes that advance the storyline greatly enhance gameplay, which is a good blend of traditional use-inventory-item elements and excellent arcade sequences that would merit a game on their own. Adventure gamers who despise action sequences in adventure games will be pleased to know that Rise of The Dragon will automatically let you win the sequences if you die one too many times.

One of the game's many original concepts is the use of non-linear plot, with many optional puzzles and subplots that allow multiple endings. This makes the game highly replayable for those who want to take a different route to see a different ending. The game also has realistic characters that DO remember your actions and respond appropriately (hint: don't cross your girlfriend). Puzzles are, for the most part, easy, except for some frustrating hunt-the-pixel and time constraints. Overall, Rise of the Dragon is a must-play for every adventure fan. Even the death scenes are so well done that I remember trying different ways to die just to see them all .

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