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Rockstar is unlike any other game on the PC. Your goal is, strangely enough, to become a Rockstar. Through the course of your game you will have to produce singles and records, balance a hectic recording schedule with your drug intake while touring Europe and the rest of the World. Success does not come easy. An uneasy market, balanced with your own health problems leads to a very involving game.

As your success rises, so does the demand for concerts and public performances. You a forced to decide when its time for a break and when its time to go out and make some cash.

The game has a text interface, and thats all it really needs, as graphics would just complicate the issue. If you are after a graphics version, you may wish to check out Rockstar Ate My Hamster on the Amiga.

A fine game from Wizard Games, Rockstar is also a very addictive one.

You play the role of a classic rock band leader, and your goal is to achieve maximum popularity. You'll accomplish this by writing songs, playing gigs in various places (from your neighborhood to America and Europe), recording albums or singles, signing contracts with majors or staying an independent label, throwing parties with groupies, and always following the saying "Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll."

This isn't a game for kids. It contains coarse language and questionable behavior.

In fact, you'll often be asked to take various kinds of drugs, which will have different effects on your brain and on your life as a decadent superstar. You'll have to be careful, because some will give you more "creativity," others will damage you more and make you become drug-addicted.

Being that it's not a really "healthy" lifestyle, you'll have sometimes to visit your doctor or your analyst, go on vacation to relax (there are various possibilities, from "Sunny Britain[sic]" to "Paradise Island"), or even, in the worst case scenario unwind in a sanatorium or make drug rehabilitation. Obviously this will make you fall into deep depression...

You have to take care, because too much disorderly conduct will lead you to your death.

You can also change the names of computer bands into real rock bands, making the game even more realistic. Or even more comical. It can be funny to read sentences like, "you're invited to a wild rave party led by Pavarotti," or "your granny invites you to take some amphetamines."

Well, if you get into this game you'll surely enjoy it, so pick up your Stratocaster and start practicing ... one day you could be a Rockstar!

Try to become a rockstar, text adventure.

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