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Help a scruffy alley cat reach his apartment-dwelling feline friend in this action title from Synapse Software. Obstacles in the way of true love include garbage cans, clotheslines, hungry dogs, and pesky brooms. Starting in an alley, you'll need to climb on objects to reach an open apartment window, where you must complete a randomly generated mini-game to advance. Activities include gobbling up fish, lapping up milk, knocking a cage on the ground to eat a bird, catching mice, and pushing vases. The faster you complete a task, the more points you'll earn. Finish the mini-game and you'll return outside, where you'll have to avoid rival cats and other dangers while climbing toward the object of your affection. Successfully reunite with the female cat and play will resume on a more challenging difficulty setting.

Alley Cat is an action game consisting of several mini games tied together. You're a little black cat who wants to make love to a pretty lady cat that lives in an apartment complex. Play all kinds of cat-themed mini games in order to reach her and score as many points as you can while doing so.

You start out in an alley and need to get inside the apartment by climbing on garbage cans and a fence. Next, jump on a clothesline and through several open windows while big dogs try to eat you and people throw garbage at you. Outside of the apartment complex you can score points by eating the mice that run across the clotheslines. Once you've jumped through a window you enter a room where you play a randomly assigned mini game.

These mini games include: eating all the fish in a fish bowl, stealing milk from a bunch of bulldogs, pushing a birdcage from a table and eating the bird, catching mice inside a big cheese, pushing vases from a cabinet. To make things harder there's always a broom inside every room that tries to knock you around. You score points by completing the mini games within a certain time (the faster the better).

After you've completed a mini game you're back in the alley. Make your way back inside the apartment complex and you get a chance to play the love-cat game: try to reach the lady cat on the top row of hearts while rival male cats and cupid's arrows knock you down. After you've mated, the difficulty gets cranked up a notch

Well, here you have it: the oldest game in my collection, and as I recall the first one I played in my life.

The game is very simple. You control a cat in an alley, and your task is to avoid dogs and various objects people are throwing out of windows. Also, for extra points, you have to jump into people's apartments and accomplish various "missions" such as catching a bird or chasing down mice. The graphics are CGA - enough said. Although, considering the release date, that was probably the most advanced graphic platform at the time...

A good game to remember how it all began!

You're a cat and you have to do the usual "cat things" to survive and get the female feline. Eat fish out of the fish bowl, catch mice, and steal milk from sleeping dogs are some of the things you have to do to survive in this surreal masterpiece from Bill Williams.

This is the first PC game I have ever played! I know I've spent hours and hours playing it and it never got to be boring. Now when I look at it... it's just a cute little game that gets repetitive after some time.

You control a little black cat. Jumping on the trash cans, getting into houses through the windows, catching mice, fishes and avoiding dogs is quite fun. Play this game and remember the good old times!

Oooo a total classic!!! This was one of the first ever games I played on a PC. I was at my cousins house at the time, I even preferred Alley Cat to Kings Quest 1! I was always getting into nasty fights with that dang dog ;)

Its got the CGA graphics, so if you've got a pair of shades handy you might want to grab them. But then again, you are visiting my site, so you might already have them on! The graphics were really good for that time though. I mean, we're talking 1984 here.

Most of the happenings in this game are inside the building, but it's a mission to get to the window first! You have to avoid the dog, which every now and then runs along the ground by the trashcans. Jumping on the trashcans would be an obvious choice here. Then you climb up and along the clotheslines and into the windows. Of course, there is always going to be more challenges, such as mean people throwing stuff out the windows. Inside the windows are the so-called levels of the games, like sub-games. Catching fish, catching mice etc you gain points. The ultimate goal is the pretty white cat that our hero loves and wants to kiss!

This game gets a lot harder as the levels go up. The number of trash cans decreases, and the number of times the dog appears is nasty! Also the same with the people throwing things out the windows. Inside the windows things get a lot harder as well.

All in all this is a classic! The quality of the game, and the gameplay itself is pretty spectacular for a 1984 game that is only about 30kb in size. One downfall I would have to say is that it gets really hard, and I'm not exactly the best gamer around, so I kind of couldn't stick with it when it got too much for me!

If there were an award for "most enduring gameplay per KB of data," Alley Cat would have won my vote. In what seems like an incredible feat of programming, Bill Williams was able to pack hours of fun and diverse gameplay into only 38KB of space. As an alley cat, evade dogs, humans, and other obstacles to rescue your sweetheart. One of the most amazing things about the game is that it actually sets its own clock speed so that the speed of your computer is irrelevant.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.37 MB).


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