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Teenage black mage Davy Jones wakes up in the morning, only to find out that his magic ring and the source of all his power has gone missing! And, according to the note left behind by the thief, the perpetrators are the Russians. Davy sets off to find his artifact and punish those responsible.

The game is controlled with a mouse; similarly to Sam & Max Hit The Road, right-clicking changes the cursor action (Walk to, Look at, Interact with, Talk to), while moving the cursor to the top of the screen makes a menu appear, allowing you to easily change the cursor actions, access one's inventory or save/load/quit the game.

The Reality on The Norm (RON) games are a series of short games started by some AGS developers. The idea behinds them is that of sharing characters and setting to create a world that seems more alive than others. A character you meet in one game as an NPC may very well go on a quest him/herself in another chapter, and vice versa. These games are very short, and offer perhaps an hour or less of gameplay. But it's the continuance of the series, and the fact that new games should get released on a rather fast basis, that makes this series unique. Since the games are designed by different designers, they differ a bit in style from chapter to chapter. However, as they share the same backgrounds, characters and overall atmosphere, you'll feel at home in all RON games once you've played one.

RON 3 is the longest game in the series so far. It features the same protagonist as the first RON game: Davy Jones. This time his magical ring has been stolen by two Russian spies, and his quest is of course to retrieve it. This is probably the most difficult one of the three - it certainly has more puzzles than its predecessors - so it may take you a tad longer to finish. Be ware of some minor glitches in this game. They should have been ironed out in this version, but it probably wouldn't hurt to save frequently anyway.

If you download this game, or any other RON game, you should be aware that you're not getting a lot of gameplay for it. You will, however, be adopting a small fun game that has lots of brothers in the pipeline, and a rather alive atmosphere. And well... it's fun playing a short adventure game which you know you'll certainly finish.

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