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The Reality on The Norm (RON) games are a series of short games started by some AGS developers. The idea behinds them is that of sharing characters and setting to create a world that seems more alive than others. A character you meet in one game as an NPC may very well go on a quest him/herself in another chapter, and vice versa. These games are very short, and offer perhaps an hour or less of gameplay. But it's the continuance of the series, and the fact that new games should get released on a rather fast basis, that makes this series unique. Since the games are designed by different designers, they differ a bit in style from chapter to chapter. However, as they share the same backgrounds, characters and overall atmosphere, you'll feel at home in all RON games once you've played one.

If you ever wondered what an adventure game would look like, had Ed Wood crafted one all by himself, then playing RON: Nihilism will probably solve your question. This is not an easy game to describe otherwise.

The game does not really fit in well with the other RON games. It has no plot to speak of, two very strange puzzles, and ... no ending at all. Indeed - there is no possibly way to finish the game. Once you have solved the two puzzles (by trial and error, because the connection between the problem and the solution of the puzzle is very far fetched), your game is over. You can still run around the town for as long as you want, but nothing more will happen to the story.

The scripting to this game is horrible, the dialogue is confusing, the main character looks like a prop from a horror movie, and you will probably get a headache if you play it any longer than thirty minutes. However, it is precisely because of all that, that this game is irresistibly funny. It had me laughing out loud quite a bit.

If you are looking for an adventure that gives you a feeling of accomplishment after you've solved a puzzle, or finished the game... then by all means, stay as far away from this one as you possibly can. If however you are looking for a good laugh, and wish to see for yourself how bad it really is, then by all means, give this game a try. It's an experience you won't easily forget...


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