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An officially licensed J.R.R. Tolkien "Lord of the Rings" text adventure game based on the second part of the trilogy - "The Two Towers". You can select to play as either Frodo or Sam. The game follows the plot of the book closely and many locations have accompanying illustrations. Unusually for a text adventure game the action happens in real time so if you sit there thinking of what to do next, things will happen in the game eg. creatures will move from location to location.

I generally dislike text based games so I was not looking forward to writing this review, but once I played the game again (after so many years) I actually liked it.

When I played it the first time, Lord of the Rings was just some piece of fiction to me (haven't read it back then), but after reading the whole book (also The Hobbit and the Silmarillion), I had a whole new perspective.

There is no better way to stay true to the book then to make a text based adventure. All other games that have come out of the Lord of the Rings series recently are based on the movie, which is a poor attempt of putting a classic on to the silver screen.

You can be either Frodo or Sam. The game takes you into the latter part of the book where the fellowship has already split up and only Sam and Frodo are still going to Mordor to destroy the ring. They meet Smeagol on the way and use him as a guide. You will not actually get to destroy the ring, but you must get to the Dark Tower of Sauron. To do so you'll have to pass the dreaded Shelob, the spider who ate the light back in the days before people came to the middle Earth.

There are many ways to finish the game, one is described in the walkthrough, but be careful - it's an old one and needs some corrections (also don't get lost on the way).

For all Tolkien fans or simply fans of great sagas this game is a must have. You'll get the experience of actually being a part of the book. I give this game a 4.

This third game in the trilogy follows the adventure of Frodo and his band of fellow Hobbits from where Fellowship of the Ring left off as the Hobbits plunge into greater danger -- facing off with giant spiders, evil horsemen, and sinister evil. The game is a marked improvement over Fellowship of the Ring.. perhaps the programmers got back in time to fire that amateur they let design that game .

Shadows of Mordor is the second part of the famous trilogy where you, among other things, have to guide Frodo Baggins and Sam Gamgee through the lands of Middle Earth without losing the magic ring. Almost from the beginning you will notice the improved game story, pictures and actual game engine compared to the first part of this series. Whether the developers knew they had to do better with the second part or not isn't known but you would think so after comparing the two games.

The game takes almost exactly where the first game ended where you choose to control either Frodo or Sam. The game follows the story very close and not many will notice direct changes to the story although there are of course a few once in a while. As mentioned the game engine has improved a lot and that also means the dictionary in the game that are very essential in these text adventurers and there isn't anything worse than when you type a simple command that for some odd reason can't be understood.

There are several pictures included in the game (if you decide to have them displayed during the game) and especially for fans as well as those that have seen the movie it's nice to compare the graphics to the movie as well as to your own imagination. A decent adventure game but remember that it's a simple text adventure and not one of those point-and-click games.

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