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A simple adventure game for young players where you play Snoopy as the main character solving various puzzles in the area.

The basic idea is manipulating objects by picking them up and dropping them at certain areas, which will result in a new sequence to the plot.

You can use either a keyboard or joystick to play the game and there are only 5 actions you can perform: Move left, Move right, Jump, Pickup/Drop and Object Information.

Now the first thing that really surprised me was the use of Video Graphic Adapter (or simply put VGA graphics). The game was made back in 1989 and VGA was still very new. Off course you can also select CGA or EGA graphics (but they're not that nice). There are also two pre-set keyboard maps you get to use (and don't forget space - also useful for leaving the street and going to different houses), or simply use a joystick.

There's not much sound though (unfortunately). But I guess that would be too much for such a small game size with such great graphics.

As you probably guessed, you're playing Snoopy. He's the lovable Beagle owned by Charlie Brown (everybody's favorite looser). You'll get to meet Charlie and the rest of the gang in your search for Linus' blanket.

The game is fairly simple. You need to pick up certain things and bring them to the right person in order to advance. There are no real clues as to what to bring to whom, but it's really not that difficult. You just need some patience and you'll get it. And when I say patience, I really mean it. You'll be moving around really slow.

Well, the game has above average graphics for its time and it is a third person adventure game (which is quite good also), but for the lack of clues as to what you should do and for the slowness of movement (which really can get bothersome), not to mention the awful blipping sound when Snoopy jumps, it doesn't get a real high mark - I can tell you that.

Well it has all the characters, and you can roam around the neighbourhood. But I have to admit that I did get rather bored and lost as soon as I started playing. Bit of a bummer, cos I love the Snoopy & Peanuts cartoons.

The first and only game based on one of the world's most popular comics is a very disappointing game that manages to capture only one aspect of the cartoon perfectly: the nonchalant, see-if-I-care attitude of Snoopy the complacent dog.

Granted, bringing the world of The Peanuts onto the computer screen is a big challenge, due to the fact that the cartoon's appeal rests more on the philosophical, almost Zen-like placid sense of humor, than on the adrenaline rush or the excitement of adventure of most cartoons. Nonetheless, the absence of this subtle Peanuts-style humor, coupled with a painfully cumbersome interface (Snoopy can carry and use only one item at a time), makes the game very tedious. Although you, as Snoopy, can wander around town and meet many Peanuts characters, none of them has anything interesting to say, and most of the time just behave like stone statues. Puzzles, or what excuses of them, are few, and seem to be there just for the sake of giving you something to do, rather than having any relationship with the (thin) plot. Overall, I doubt even die-hard Peanuts fans will be motivated enough to play the game for more than a few minutes, let alone finishing it. Devoid of plot and the gentle humor of the comics strip, this computerized version of Snoopy & Peanuts serves only as a reminder of how not to design a game.

Errr... I guess this is supposed to be an Adventure - I just don't know what exactly the goal of this is. Alright, so I wander around - slowly - ok, maybe Snoopy likes it relaxed and everything - that dog is definitely not a fast runner. OK, there we have it - wandering through the world of the Peanuts. That's not bad, but still pretty useless. After 10 minutes (Snoopy is definitely slow!) I came across Linus (or was it Rerun? I always confuse those names...) who lost his blanket - ok, I though - so I go looking for it. Yes... so I did. Haven't found it yet and I am not sure if that is even important.

For all of those fans of Charles Schulz - take it as a tribute - it IS nice to have a trip into Peanuts-World - but that's all, don't take it for a serious Adventure.

Don't be fooled by cute graphics and famous characters. Snoopy and Peanuts is a pretty boring and incredibly short game to play! There are quite many drawbacks in this product including the stupid single item inventory and almost no dialogue at all. And where did the famous humor go? Try this game just to see some nice cartoon graphics and don't bother much with it...

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