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Terry Brooks' popular fantasy series has finally made its way to the PC. And what other company but Legend would we have to thank? In Shannara, you play as Jak Ohmsford in a time of crisis. The evil wizard Brona, who was dispersed with long ago, has returned to wreak havoc on the world. The only thing that can stop this guy from destroying everything is if the Four Lands get together and meld their powers into one. Unfortunately, each land hates one another. So, it's up to Jak and his traveling band of comrades to unify them and aid in the termination of Brona for good.

Like every other Legend game, Shannara is a text/graphic adventure game with a point and click interface. You'll need to solve puzzles by interacting with characters and using items. Doing this will progress the story along. As far as characters go, there's over 30 of them that feature voice acting to add some immersion to the game. And almost all of them were taken from one of the Shannara novels. Also new is the inclusion of a battle system in which you must initiate commands to kill Brona's minions. Add to this some high-resolution SVGA backgrounds and an atmospheric soundtrack, and you've got a fantasy epic on your hands!

Think you're prepared to stop Brona from devastating all of humanity? Take to the lands of Shannara and find out!

The game is based on the Shannara fantasy novels by Terry Brooks.

The protagonist of the game is Jak Ohmsford, whose father, Shea, is a legendary hero who once defeated the evil warlock Brona. The druid Allanon tells Jak that Brona has returned, and only way to defeat him - beside wielding the legendary sword of Shannara - is to travels to the lands of different races populating the world, and convince them to put their differences aside and join forces to defeat Brona. On his long journey, Jak will meet many characters from different races, and embrace his heroic destiny by making the toughest decisions of his life.

Shannara is an adventure game with the same interface as Death Gate, derived from earlier interactive fiction games by Legend Entertainment. The game is viewed from first-person perspective, and the navigation (beside traveling on the world map) is done by "jumping" from screen to screen, rather than by physically moving the protagonist. The game has inventory-based puzzles and extended conversation trees with many dialogue options.

The game has some elements taken from RPGs, such as top-down world-map traveling and occasional turn-based battles. However, there is no real RPG system in the game (statistics, experience points, levels, etc.). The battles serve to emphasize the danger of traveling the wilderness, or appear as story-related events; sometimes, they are treated like puzzles, with specific actions leading to victory.

Although the main playable character is Jak Ohmsford, other characters travel with the hero, forming a "party". These characters have their own inventory and abilities, which must be used sometimes to solve the game's puzzles.

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